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Wings Clipped!|Jade Mountain Buddha Hall

Lemon & & Ginger Marmalade

I never ever believed I ‘d need to state I have actually sustained a marmalade making injury! But I have. More than a week ago I was being in my chair, cooking area scissors in hand and a bowl of charming lemons preparing to make a sweet brew. They, numerous kilos of them, from Spain by means of Crowd Farming were sent out by a kind and generous buddy. The Mangos from the exact same source by means of the exact same kind buddy were quite amazing too. Thank you, once again

There are repercussions for continual limited motions. Physical ones. Snip, snip and more snips led to a bunched up muscle by my shoulder blade. It’s not brain surgery, I understood the repercussions however did I listen and refrain, and even take a break once in a while?Nope Don’ t we simply believe we can ‘get away with it’?

Days on and in spite of my best shots to permit nature to do what she does so well, to permit balled up muscles to launch into their suitable length, my ‘wing’ (arm and shoulder) has actually actually entered into convulsion. My ideal arm is doing its ouchie thing. Nerve discomfort. Ouch! Triple ouch.

Help is on its method and in the meantime, my metaphorical wings are certainly clipped. If one can’t do that for oneself then situation will do it for you. I take this as a true blessing. We are, after all, on our January Monastic Retreat when doing less is best, and recomended.

I’m over pity, both self-pity and the desire for pity from others. Just send out benefit if you would, please. My strolling buddy’s peaceful compassion suffices.Thanks More on self-pity, maybe tomorrow. I’ve great deals of area and time now…!

Note on thankfulness: This post is for an individual who remains in extremity physically which tends to come with emotional/mental stressed out outness too. A bigger container of Marmalade has their name on it. And another container for a number of chaps who keep an eye out for me, and I for them.

I notice you readers out there as I compose. Thanks for returning, it’s constantly a fantastic increase to understand you exist. Reading.

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