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Last Completed Ritual:18/09/2023
Rituals In Queue: 15
Fortune Readings In Queue: 15
Last Completed Ritual:18/09/2023
Rituals In Queue: 15
Fortune Readings: 15

How does wealth magic works?
Attract windfall of wealth, career advancements, get more businesses
Get unlimited flow of money is POSSIBLE.

Many people has came to master to ask how they can build up their wealth? Can master really help to bring wealth and money luck? If this is all true, then no one would suffer poverty. So, why are there still so many poor people out there in this world? And one of the most popular questions from many people around the world asks this: “If master can perform a wealth magic ritual, why not help me to have wealth first and then I will start donating to your charity!”

Here’s what master explained:
Wealth advancement is all possible, but it will all depends on the amount of compassion merits one has built in current life or from previous reincarnation. Wealth or money comes from the energy of compassion, love, kindness and generosity. Merits are the positive results of your karma (actions, thoughts, words) A person who has great amount of compassion, love, kindness or generosity will always have flow of wealth. Never will a person with such great compassion energies suffer from poverty. A person with greed and selfishness, and absolutely without compassion will often get into financial crisis. This is because wealth that comes to a person is a result of their karma, and it is a result of energy of merits. A person who has either one of these 4 energies (compassion, love, kindness, generosity) will never experience a day of poverty. Wealth or money is of the physical realm and it is driven by the non-physical (energies). Always remember that money or wealth comes to you or to anybody due to one of these 4 energies. It must be either because of another person’s kindness, love, compassion or generosity that such wealth has came to you. Energies in our universe does not dissipate, it transforms, be magnified and can reflect, but never disappears. Our physical realm are part of the non-physical, and it is made up of the non-physical to start with. We are all made up of energies that we perceive now as physical. Wealth which is physical is also part of the non-physical existence as Master Patana explained. 

There are 3 forms of wealth magic that can help one to attain wealth. 1st type is by creating attraction energies that draws people to you, be mesmerized by your presence and igniting their kindness towards you. Such form of magic works externally that creates an aura of attraction and charisma on you and attracting others to come to you. However, the amount that you may receive will also depends on your wealth merits (compassion merits) which you had built from the past. Else any money given to you from another person’s kindness will also be lost in unexpected situations. This form is also considered as wealth advancement of your existing wealth merits. When you donate for a wealth advancement amulet, the amount received will be donated to help you accumulate your merits. Such merits can be amplified and help you experience some windfall of wealth. The 2nd form of magic is by accumulating wealth merits to your current karmic path and advancing them at the same time. This form of wealth magic is often via help of spirits of kumantong, luk kok or nam man prai. This form of wealth magic can help one to build up stable wealth that will become unlimited flow of wealth for long time. 

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