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Wake Up Little Susie – Sravasti Abbey

Pay attention

No online video game is almost as intriguing as getting a preview at how we wrongly see things, how, with our ideas, we truly do produce a truth that isn’t even there.

If we are not focusing, we will not understand that we really have not moved off our chair when we go off on another tangent of understanding or hostility, of extreme like or dislike.

And each time we do that, we are enhancing the misconception and practice, triggering ourselves suffering. And, regretfully, developing karma.

As I am finding, each and every single time we relate to our body, with a pains or pain, with stress and anxiety or some momentary relief, with sensation well or not, we are captured up in a ball of rubbish, something that really keeps us caught in a never ever- ending yoyo of up then down, up then down.

Remember this?

I have the practice of having tunes appear after I think of things. “Wake Up Little Susie” called in today, and I needed to laugh.

Little Susie has to do with … what? If she was 16 in 1958 when that Everly Brothers single topped the charts, that makes her an old ducky now.

But begun, Susie! You can do it! Just begin with not thinking whatever you believe!

Stay curious granny Susie!

Wake up, little Susie,
Wake up, little Susie,
We’ve all been sound sleeping
Wake up, little Susie with relief
This valuable life isn’t over
we’re not yet in problem deep
Wake up, little Susie
Wake up, little Susie
How else you gon na assist your mother?
How else you gon na assist your pa’?
How you going to assist your pals residing in
“Ooh, la, la” land?
Wake up, little Susie
Wake up, little Susie
Well, we informed ourselves we ‘d be bodhisattvas by 2021
Well, Susie, infant, appears like we goofed once again
Wake up, little Susie
Wake up, little Susie
We got ta go practice!

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