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Upcoming conference: Buddhism in Dialogue with Contemporary Societies


Buddhism in Dialogue with Contemporary Societies 20-22 June 2018
Museum für Völkerkunde, Gro ßer Hörsaal, Hamburg

The continuous encounter in between Buddhism and contemporary Western societies has actually currently left a long lasting mark on both celebrations, as takes place in any open dialogue. Arriving in the “West”, Buddhism has actually been challenged with the worths of European knowledge and human rights, articulated within the paradigms of Judeo-Christian culture. Buddhism has actually frequently been referred to as a sort of approach and way of life. Buddhist voices have actually signed up with conversations of nonreligious worths, Buddhist- motivated mindfulness practices are permeating restorative fields, while Buddhist neighborhoods have actually acquired fans drew in to what they view as a more logical and “less religious” faith. Yet Buddhism plainly makes up a profoundly varied system of beliefs and practices that are themselves in the procedure of large internal modifications in action to brand-new social truths.

To check out these dialogical procedures, this International and Interdisciplinary Conference “Buddhism in Dialogue with Contemporary Societies” unites 20 scholars of Buddhism and senior Buddhist instructors from the 3 mainstream customs of Buddhism, i.e. Therav āda, East Asian (consisting of Zen), andTibetan Buddhism They will resolve such concerns as:

  • What can Buddhist idea and practice add to today’s world?
  • How, and just how much, can or should Buddhism adjust in order to make those contributions in brand-new contexts?
  • What, if any, must be thought about to be core mentors or practices that can not undergo modification or adjustment?
  • What methods have Buddhist neighborhoods established to safeguard core mentors while reacting to quickly altering technological, social, and product conditions?

To make sure an effective scholastic result of the conference, the very first 2 and a half days will be devoted primarily to listening to the discussions on 5 panels followed by an extensive exchange with the speakers, participants, and professors. In the afternoon of the 3rd day, initial outcomes will be summed up and gone over with the interested specialist audience (amongst them practicing Buddhists and instructors of Buddhism) in addition to college student. Language: English; German translation if needed.

The leaflet with the complete program can be downloaded here.

The online registration is readily available here.

For all abstracts please see here.

About Jovan Maud

I’m a speaker in the Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology at Georg-August University, Göttingen,Germany Interests consist of: multinational spiritual networks, popular faith in Thailand, spiritual tourist and commodification, and digital sociology.

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