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The Teachings of the Compassionate Buddha: 9780451200778

Table Of Contents

General Introduction

Book One: The Early Scriptures of Buddhism

Part I. Some Standard Doctrines of the Buddha
1. The Sermon at Benates
2. Questions Not Tending to Edification
3. Fact Is Above Sectarian Dogmatism
4. How Buddha Met a Schism Amongst His Disciples
5. The Parable of the Mustard Seed
6. Universal Love and Excellent Will
7. Buddha’s Farewell Address

Part II. Treading the Path to Nirvana
1. The Method of Fact
2. Songs of the Wayfarers

Part III. The Spirit of Theravada Buddhism
1. The Zenaka Story of Buddha’s Birth and Early Life
2. The Fire Sermon
3. On Health of Mind
4. What Is Acquired by Abandoning the World and Becoming a Monk?
5. The Tasks of the Theravada Layperson
6. What Is Nirvana? (Theravada View)
7. The Nirvana of the Buddha
8. Crossing the Ford
9. Is the Buddha Equally Caring Towards All?
10. Is Embracing the Way of the Monk a Selfish Act?Book 2:

Buddhist Thought Through Later Centuries

Part IV. The Mahayana Religious Perfect
1. Hymn to the Buddha of Infinite Compassion and Wisdom
2. The Bodhisattva’s Vow of Universal Redemption
3. The Course of Light and Love
4. Famous Mahayana Parables
5. The Everlasting Buddha of Countless Worlds
6. What Is Nirvana? (Mahayana View)

Part V. Some Mahayana Philosophies
1. Nagarjuna’s Analysis of Casualty and of Nirvana
2. Vasubandhu’s Argument for Subjective Idealism
3. Ultimate Truth Is Outright Mind
4. Ultimate Truth Transcends What Can Be Revealed in Words

Part VI. Devotional and Institutional Buddhism in China and Japan
1. The Pure Land of Amitabha
2. The White Lotus Ode
3. Honen’s Letter and Poems
4. Shinran’s Songs to Amida
5. The Bodhisattva Who Conserves Even from the Depths of Hell
6. Tao Sheng on Nirvana and the Buddha’s Method
7. Seng Ts’an’s Poem on Rely on the Heart
8. Shen Hui’s Sermon on Sudden Awakening
9. A Zen “Koan”
10. The Mahayana Layperson’s Suitable

Epilogue: Buddha’s Pity


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