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To be a Buddhist and be one together with your divine essence should not incompatible states.   Some time in the past, I wrote a put up, “Buddhism and the Divine,” that posits that the true Buddha nature we’re born with is in truth the divine essence.  That the two are one.   To perceive the place I’m coming from, please learn the put up.

This idea has obtained no traction.  I despatched the put up to a number of Buddhist publications however none had been .  And I perceive why – it’s a radical idea.  While it’s usually mentioned that it’s potential for one to observe Buddhism and be a Believer at the similar time, that the two faiths should not incompatible, there seems to be no room in Buddhism for the divine..

I feel this isn’t solely a conceptual error, however it’s dangerous to the aim of Buddhism, which is to allow folks to finish their struggling and be free.

It is actually true that there isn’t a place in Buddhist thought for the God of the Old or New Testament or the Quran.  Both as a result of the creation story is antithetical to Buddhism and, extra importantly, as a result of the idea that salvation, freedom from struggling, lies in one thing exterior of you fairly than inside you is antithetical to Buddhism.

However, I’m not speaking about that God or that Divine energy.  I’m referring to the god or divinity that’s inside us, that we had been born with and which stays in us our complete lives, even whether it is unknown to us.   

This god isn’t concerned in any creation story.   And as a result of the divinity is inside us, once we pray to the god inside us, we aren’t trying to an outdoor supply to reply our prayers or resolve our issues, however we want to ourselves, our coronary heart, to free us from the mess that our thoughts has created.

Thinking of our coronary heart as being the expression of the divine inside us, the individualization of the abundance and lightweight of the universe, is useful to our observe as a result of once we negate the thoughts as being our self – once we attain the level the place, as the Buddha mentioned, we’re free of the conceit, “I am” – and as a substitute posit that our true self is our coronary heart, our true Buddha nature, we are sometimes left with a quandary: simply what’s that?

By understanding that the qualities that we ascribe to our coronary heart and our true Buddha nature, are none apart from the qualities of god, of the divine essence, of the cosmos/universe, we come to know extra simply the energy of our coronary heart.   That it isn’t only a mild unto us and others, however that it has the high quality of figuring out and wanting what’s in our greatest curiosity; it’s the supply of our provide, it’s our substance.   It, not your thoughts, holds the reply to your finest curiosity.   Which is why I say, “Your will, not my mind’s.”

If you settle for the premise of my put up, “Buddhism and The Divine,” then there isn’t a incompatibility between your Buddhist observe and believing that your coronary heart is the expression of the divine essence, of the universe.   What it gives your observe is an added supply of power to not succumb to your thoughts’s manipulation and the braveness to look past ending your struggling to creating your self a stronger human being and fulfilling your coronary heart’s needs, which by definition are Right needs.

Turn your will and your life over to the care of your true Buddha nature, your divine essence, the universe; give up your ego to their care; empty your self of your ego-self; say your won’t my thoughts’s.   Then you’ll be one together with your divine essence, stuffed with abundance and lightweight, peace and equanimity, happiness and contentment, religion and power.   Only then will you be free.


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