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It is a genuine difficulty to remain in touch with your real Buddha nature, your magnificent essence (see my post, “Buddhism and the Divine”) throughout the day, every day. We are confronted with many vexing difficulties every day, whether they are presented by the outdoors world, the individuals we communicate with, the jobs we need to carry out, or whether they are presented by our mind, which, although you might be far along in your practice and turned your will and you life over to the care of your real Buddha nature, is still there, waiting in the wings for a possibility to assert itself. It is the human variation of Mara and it is usually there, hiding.

In a current meditation, it concerned me that the method to remain linked, to see the light, is to differentiate those things made of guy from those things made of the magnificent universe. Most notably to recognize that the individuals we communicate with and the systems they have actually established are an item of guy, therefore are going to feature guy’s failings. Man at birth might be an item of the magnificent universe, however what ends up being of guy is an item of guy,

The very same holds true of me as an individual. My mind, the self that traditionally I have actually gotten in touch with is guy made, it is an item of all my life experiences. My real self, my brand-new self, is my heart, my real Buddha nature that I was born with. That is an item of the magnificent universe.

When I verify that my real self is my heart, which my heart is light, love, faith, trust, empathy, humbleness, gratitude, pleasure, satisfaction, nerve, strength, and knowledge– those are all qualities of my natural state, my divine- provided Buddha nature.

And so now when I set about my day, I am not retreated from my soul by the things I come across due to the fact that I understand they are an item of guy, they have absolutely nothing to do with the magnificent universe, therefore they do not trigger me to question my faith in the Buddha dharma. The material world is what it is. And I understand that I will be okay, safe, regardless what life supplies due to the fact that I have actually returned house and will constantly return house to my real Buddha nature, sustained by the love of Buddha within me, therefore experience abundance and equanimity, peace and light, joy and satisfaction, faith and strength.

Also, due to the fact that I understand of this difference in between the divine and guy, there is no concern that my peace and joy lies in continuing to focus on my connection with the divine, not my connection with guy. We need to take care of our earthly service, however it needs to never ever end up being more crucial to one’s sensation of security, of security, than our connection with the divine, with our real Buddha nature, our heart.


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