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I’ve all the time been proud about what I’ve achieved in life, whether or not it is the work I did or relationships I developed on the job, whether or not it is the music or books I’ve written, whether or not it is my blogs and movies.   And this appeared very pure.   I used to be not “prideful” (immodest, boastful, or overconfident) whereas nonetheless taking reliable satisfaction in my accomplishments, if that is sensible.

However, I lately watched a video on being humble earlier than God, and I spotted that the satisfaction I took in my accomplishments was not being humble earlier than God or Buddha.   Why is that?   Because I do know now that my Buddha nature, my divinity, was an lively participant in the whole lot good that I’ve created.   In every case I used to be moved by my Buddha nature and was giving voice to its knowledge and humanity.   My music, books, and so on. had been in truth joint initiatives.   I might by no means have carried out these issues had been it not for the Buddha nature, the divinity, that was inside me, that’s my substance, supply, and provide.

I had recognized the reality for a few years that the true Buddha nature was inside me.  But I by no means seen it as an lively participant in my life; extra a guider on how one can reside.

So for a few years, though I spotted the whole lot good that has occurred in my life has occurred by happenstance, not  as a result of of my thoughts’s effort, I used to be not in a position so as to add extra to that realization.  But since studying The Abundance Book, I’ve change into conscious of and acknowledged the presence of my Buddha nature, my divinity, inside me as being the supply of my provide, the supply of my abundance.

And so I spotted that this happenstance has been a operate of my Buddha nature/my divinity/the universe; these items didn’t occur by chance.   Even throughout the a long time earlier than I had any information of or perception in the Buddha, I used to be being supplied for.   I do know now that that is additional proof of the fixed presence of Buddha nature inside us all.   (See my publish, “Happenstance – Part II.)

And now most lately, I’ve come to grasp that these forces will not be simply the supply of my provide of abundance, however they’re my substance.   Everything good I’ve carried out has been a consequence of their affect, even once I was completely unaware of it.

And so I’ve humbled myself earlier than my true Buddha nature and divinity.   I not take unwarranted satisfaction in my accomplishments.

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