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The Path to Knowledge

Knowledge is to understand our own real nature, the true nature of the world, and the purpose and significance of life. Obtaining knowledge is the best possible happiness for a person.

“The way to real happiness is the method to enlightenment. When we obtain knowledge, we awaken to the truth of our being, to the ideal method to live, and to understanding that we journey in between this world and the other.”

From the book: The Science of Joy

Knowledge begins with understanding God (Buddha), understanding God’s (Buddha’s) will and the mentors that stream from God’s (Buddha’s) mind. Eventually, when we achieve knowledge we familiarize that the world God developed is a multidimensional world that extends from this three-dimensional world, where we improve our souls, and surpasses the ninth measurement. This understanding leads to knowledge and enlightenment is associated with joy. The path that causes enlightenment is the path that causes spiritual awareness. In order to attain spiritual awareness we need to know something that is beyond this world. “Understanding” implies first contacting the world of Fact, and after that starting the journey of the self to experience it.

The Principle of Knowledge

The Expedition of the Right Mind and the Four Principles of Happiness: love, knowledge, self-reflection and development, are useful ways resulting in enlightenment. They are the paths that integrate the Theravada and Mahayana Buddhist mentors. The Principle of Self-Reflection has great importance in attaining knowledge. Self-reflection washes our stained mind, returns it to its original state and allows us to find our Buddha Nature– the true nature as a child of God.

Progress and harmony in the Concept of Enlightenment

Development and harmony are the basis of every approach of enlightenment. Development implies achieving self-improvement through specific effort and spreading out a positive influence to the world. Consistency suggests improving ourselves without harming others and contributing to the happiness of lots of. When these two instructions are combined, they bring to life the Principle of Knowledge. It is a path of limitless development, infinite consistency, and limitless joy.

“Every human is a child of God and has an equal quantity of divine nature, however everyone’s magnificent nature is at a different level. We all must strive to like and appreciate the magnificent nature in each private equally, no matter what its level, while at the exact same time striving to enhance ourselves.”

From the book: The Science of Joy

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