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The Noble Eightfold Path – Buddhist beliefs

The Noble Eightfold Course (likewise called the Middle Method, or the Threefold Method)is the fourth part (magga)of the Four Noble Facts. It provides Buddhists a course they can follow to end suffering.

However, these are not steps but rather 8 assisting principles that suggest the method to end suffering and eventually achieve enlightenment.The Noble Eightfold Path is also known as the Threefold Way as it consists of the 3 basic elements of Buddhist life, which are principles, meditation and knowledge. Each part of the Noble Eightfold Path falls within among the components of the Threefold Way:

The Threefold WayThe Noble Eightfold Course
1. Ethics1. Right action (behaving in an expert method and not damaging others)
2. Right speech (speaking truthfully)
3. Right income (earning a living in a manner that doesn’t cause suffering or damage to others)
2. Meditation4. Right mindfulness (being aware of yourself and the feelings of others)
5. Right effort (putting effort into meditation and positive emotions)
6. Right concentration (establishing focus so that you are able to meditate)
3. Wisdom7. Right view/understanding (remembering that actions have repercussions)
8. Right objective (being clear about following the Buddhist path)

These 8 actions are very important as a person’s actions in life will identify what they are born-again as in their next life. Kammais acquired through great actions (following the Noble Eightfold Path) and leads to favorable consequences. Bad actions (not following the Noble Eightfold Course) lead to negative effects.

The Buddhist sign of the eight-spoked wheel represents the elements of the Noble Eightfold Path

Following the Threefold Method

Buddhists need to begin with how they act (principles) as by clearing themselves of bad thoughts they will be in a better position to meditate. Buddhists can clear themselves of bad ideas through following the concepts in the Five Precepts and comprehending that actions have consequences.Meditation becomes much easier

the more it is done. It assists Buddhists to rid their mind of negativity.Meditation leads Buddhists to gain wisdom, as by acting in a morally and ethical method, Buddhists can grow their knowledge. Source

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