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The last group, wisdom, is composed of Right Thought and Right Understanding. Right Thought shows one should develop ideas of love, generosity, and compassion, instead of hatred, ill objective, and cruelty (Rahula). Lastly, Right Understanding is the understanding of things as they are. 2 different kinds of understanding in Buddhism are recognized to help people. The very first being “understanding accordingly”, which is knowledge or the gathered memories of something as it ought to be and the second is “penetration”, which is a deep understanding of things as they are (Rahula). The Right Understanding is basically the understanding of the 4 Noble Facts or the supreme truth. The Eightfold Path and the Four Noble Realities in practice are the course to nirvana, a state in which there is no suffering, desire, or sense of self. The being is ultimately released from the cycle of karma, renewal, and death. Practicing all these different elements leads one to live a respectable, tranquil, joyful, and conscious life that one has selected to best day after day


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