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The Eightfold Path

The eightfold course is the heart of dharma practice. The path is planned to be a guide for daily life. In following the path, you will discover to see life as it really is. The path is illustrated as a wheel with 8 spokes since the course is not direct and each location is equally essential. The 8 points of the course are:

Right View
Right view implies seeing the world as it is. What are your views of the world? Do you hold on to your views? Comprehending the Three Marks of Existence and the 4 Noble Truths will help you to have the ideal view of yourself and the world.

Right Objective
Right intent implies comprehending what the true intentions are behind our actions. Our ideas, words, and actions are all driven by intentions. For example, when our intentions come from anger, worry, resentment, or greed we are most likely to do damage with our ideas, words, and actions. A great method to practice is to ask ourselves questions about intent like:
Why am I thinking this?Why caused me to state that to my spouse?What made me upset
adequate to toss the remote?Once you are aware of your intentions, it
‘s easier to try to set brand-new ones and to change old intentions. Right Action Right action means acting or acting in a way that is

not hazardous to
ourselves or others. Wholesome intentions help lead to wholesome actions. Right Speech (Interaction)Right speech means interacting with others in a way that doesn’t cause harm. Lying, gossiping, and hurting other individuals sensations is wrong speech. This covers all types of interaction(speech, texting, emailing, writing, etc). This doesn’t suggest withholding viewpoints or ideas, it suggests we bear in mind of the objective behind the interaction to choose if what we are going to say will do more excellent or more harm. Right Income Right livelihood addresses how we earn a living. We need to determine for ourselves if what we do for a living is causing damage to ourselves and others, or if it is neutral or assisting. Right income also consists of how we connect with others while doing our jobs. Right Effort The right effort is what it will take to be able to put into practice all the other parts of the course. Without effort, there is no practice. We should be identified to implement all the other

points of the course if we want to experience any sort of positive change. Right effort impacts all of our interactions in the world. Right Mindfulness Right mindfulness indicates focusing on everything we believe, state, and do. It’s important that mindfulness should be anchored in today. With correct intent, effort, and mindfulness, you can train yourself to be present in whatever you do. Right mindfulness works together with all the other points of the path. Example: Right speech will identify what I’m saying to someone when I’m speaking to them … Right mindfulness will prevent me from inspecting my phone while I’m talking with someone in person. Meditation is the tool to establish mindfulness. As you develop mindfulness in the quiet, still environment of meditation, you then extend mindfulness to consist of all your life. Right Concentration(Meditation )Right concentration is the practice of focusing the mind solely on something. Like mindfulness, concentration is a tool to anchor us in the present. Concentration improves through meditation and it requires making use of ideal effort, best intention, and right

mindfulness. Once mindfulness and concentration are developed, then you can establish higher insight overall since your mind is no longer jumbled with ideas that inhibit wisdom. The eightfold path is something we require to practice constantly. You’ll notice how various sectors of the course overlap and count on each other. “Walking the path” is an ongoing lifetime effort that will bring numerous benefits and enhance the general quality of life. Source

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