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The Difference in Merits of the Charities Performed Inside and Outside the Buddha Sasana


Title- Velama Sutta (The Charity of the Brahmin Velama)

This is one of the finest suitable stories selected out from sutta desana for much better understanding of my older post title-greatly helpful charity and less helpful charity. It likewise plainly portrays the distinctions in between charity performed inside and outside of the Buddha Sasana too.

Once, the Bodhisatta was the kid of a court Brahmin who officiated royal events and recommendedthe King The kid was calledVelama When he was at the age of sixteen, he went to Takkasila together with the kidof the King of Baranasi The Bodhisatta ended up being a trustworthy trainee as he might discover rapidly what the instructor taught. The instructor often let him teach the prince on his behalf.

After they had actually finished their knowing, the Prince of Baranasi and Velama went back toBaranasi The Prince was crowned asKing And Velama ended up being a courtBrahmin One day Velama opened his storage facilities and took a look at the fantastic quantity of treasures which had actually been gathered for 7 generations. He idea of making grand charity which would strike the entire of the Southern Island Continent with wonder.

Then he informed the King about his concept. He purchased his males to make tripod-stands for cooking in long rows, on the bankof the Ganga River He asked to construct storage facility and shop rice, cooking oil, butter, honey, and so on He let his males walk around towns and towns, beating drums and revealing:“From this day onwards anybody may come to Velama’s alms-giving ceremony, enjoy foods and drinks and take take any article he needs” The Brahmin Velama dressed himself completely and holding the golden container filled with the ritualistic water, he solemnly stated therefore: “If there are virtuous donees worthwhile of getting my contribution, might the water from the container drain, otherwise might the water from the container not stream at all and he over-turned the container however no water drained from the container.

The Bodhisatta comprehended that the universe had actually happened useless for there was not a single virtuous donee who merited of his contribution. Nevertheless, he did not permit himself to be dissatisfied. He once again held the container and put out the water, solemnly stating: If the conviction and the volition of the donor are pure, might the water drain and stay on the ground”. The water drained and stayed on the ground”. From that time onwards he made his offering daily offering gruel in the early morning, lunch at lunch-time and supper at dinner-time.

This offering event was so completely organized that there was no issue regarding whether particular things were offered and some other things were not offered, and whether particular things were offered at set times. In reality all things were offered at all times.

Brahmin Velama contributed eighty-four thousand golden bowls complete of silver coins, eighty-four thousand silver bowls complete of gold coins, eighty-four thousand copper bowls complete of silver coins, eighty-four thousand elephants embellished with golden features, eighty-four thousand automobiles embellished with the photos of animals, eighty-four thousand cows, eighty-four thousand females embellished with jewellery, millions of really soft cotton blankets, and so on As for foods and beverages, anybody who required these might take as much as he liked.

Although he made this really fantastic and grand contribution, there was no worthy donee who merited of getting his worthy offering. All the donees were those who did not even observe the 5 ethical precepts. In reality, it was a contribution performed outside the Buddha Sasana and as a result it did not bear fantastic advantages.

With regard to the considerably helpful offerings, the Buddha stated as follows:

The offering of just one meal to a Stream- winner (Sotapanna) brings more advantage than the fantastic charity performed bythe Brahmin Velama Again, providing just one meal to a Once- returner (Sakadagami) brings more advantages than offering meals to one hundred Stream- winners (Sotapannas). Similarly, providing to a Non- returner (Anagami) brings higher advantages than providing to one hundred Once- returners (Sakadagamis). Similarly, providing to an Arahat brings more advantages than providing to one hundred Non- returners (Anagamis), providing to a lower Buddha brings higher advantages than providing to one hundred Arahats, providing to a Buddha brings more advantages than providing to one hundred lower Buddhas, providing to the Buddha and His disciples brings more advantages than all previous offerings. The contribution of an abbey meant for all bhikkhus originating from all instructions, brings still higher advantages.

Thus the individuals all over the world carry out numerous kinds of alms-giving according to their particular customized and faiths. All of them, other than Buddhists, distribute their cash and residential or commercial property with a worldly outlook of social well-being. They use with the primary objective of prospering and flourishing in the present life as the result of their offering. In truth the charity can bring fantastic advantages not just in the present life however likewise in lots of future presences. When one carries out charity, one can take pleasure in fantastic advantages just when one’s offering is accompanied with threefold worthy volitions, the understanding of Kamma and Its Results (Kammassakatanana), and the chance to contribute to the Buddha,the Dhamma and the Samgha This chance that exists just in the Buddha’s Sasana.

Therefore all the sensible Buddhists need to make their arrangements for the journey through samsara by performing their charity in the proper method throughout the Buddha Sasana.

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