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The 5 Precepts – Buddhist beliefs – Edexcel

The 5 Precepts are the Buddhist version of a standard procedure or guidelines to help individuals behave in an ethical and ethical way. Buddhists need to follow the 5 Precepts to ensure they are living a morally great life. This helps them to eliminate suffering and accomplish enlightenment.The five precepts are as follows: Precept An example 1. Refrain from taking life Not eliminating any living being. For

Buddhists,this consists of animals, numerousBuddhists pick to be vegetarian.2. Refrain from taking what is not offered Not stealing from anyone.3. Avoid the misuseof the senses Not having too much sensuous enjoyment. For example, not taking a look at individuals ina lustful way or dedicating adultery.4. Avoid wrong speech Not lying or gossiping about other people.5. Avoid intoxicants that cloud the mindNot consuming alcohol or taking drugs, as these do not assist you to believe clearly.It is necessary to practise the precepts over time as they are not always simple to carry out. The main objectiveof a Buddhist is eliminate suffering, and therefore following the Five Precepts is necessary as they

assist Buddhists to prevent triggering others to suffer. Following the Five Precepts is connected to kamma, as these count as skilful actions, which produce excellent repercussions. Source

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