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The 4 Stages of Knowledge According to Buddhist Scripture

Enlightenment - 4 Stages of Enlightenment

As he directed his followers over the 45 years he taught, Buddha recognized 4 unique levels of realization, each marked by a deep and unmistakable experience of selflessness, followed by certain modifications in outlook and behavior. The experience generally occurs throughout extensive meditation, when the attention has become one-pointed, and follows comprehensive research study and understanding of the standard realities of Buddhism (specifically the 3 marks of presence: selflessness, impermanence, and frustration).

The four phases of enlightenment are Sotapanna, Sakadagami, Anagami and Arahant. The teaching of the 4 phases is a main element of the early Buddhist schools, consisting of the making it through Theravada school of Buddhism.


Stream-enterer The very first phase is that of Sotāpanna(Pali; Sanskrit: Srotāpanna), literally meaning”one who goes into(āpadyate) the stream (sotas),” with the stream being the Noble Eightfold Path regarded as the highest Dharma.

The stream-enterer is also stated to have “opened the eye of the Dharma” and is ensured enlightenment after no greater than seven successive renewals, potentially fewer. The stream-enterer can likewise make sure that he will not be born-again in any of the dissatisfied states or renewals (an animal, a preta, or in hell). He can just be born-again as a human being, or in a paradise. The stream-enterer has actually attained an instinctive grasp of Buddhist doctrine (samyagdṛṣṭi or sammādiṭṭhi, “right view”), has total confidence or Saddha in the Three Jewels of Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha, and has excellent moral behaviour (Sila).

When you become a stream-enterer, you can never ever once again think that you’re truly a separate self that lives inside your head and checks out your eyes. Your experience forever eliminates this impression. When you look within, you can’t discover a self anywhere.

In everyday life, however, you may still feel like a different somebody and might still get caught up by greed, anger, ignorance, and various other unfavorable sensations and patterns. Luckily, the stage of stream-enterer likewise brings an unwavering confidence and dedication to the Buddhist spiritual path, so you’re motivated to keep deepening and refining your realization.

I observe treasures of gold and gems as numerous bricks and pebbles. I look upon the finest silken robes as scruffy rags. — Buddha

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Once Returner The 2nd phase is that of the Sakadāgāmī( Sanskrit: Sakṛdāgāmin ), literally meaning”one who as soon as (sakṛt)comes( āgacchati)”. The once-returner will return to the human world only one more time, and will attain Nirvana in that life

. After you become a stream-enterer, your practice includes advising yourself of your new realization of “no-self,” as well as paying attention to the ways that you’re still connected and your resistance to life as it unfolds. After a period of time (typically years of dedicated practice) in which your concentration gets even more powerful and your mind becomes a lot more serene, you have another direct insight into no-self. (Remember, knowing this truth as a principle or memory is something, however experiencing it straight, beyond the conceptual mind, is something else completely.)

This insight (basically the like the very first however even more powerful and clearer) brings a considerable decrease in attachment and aversion and the suffering that accompanies these frame of minds. For example, periodic irritation and preference change hatred and greed, which no longer have any hold over the once-returner.

Once again, somebody who reaches this stage has just one more renewal prior to becoming entirely informed.

I see myriad worlds of deep space as little seeds of fruit, and the best lake in India as a drop of oil upon my foot.– Buddha

enlightenment - 4 stages of enlightenment

Never-returner The third phase is that of the Anāgāmī(Sanskrit: Anāgāmin), actually meaning”one who does not (an- )come(āgacchati)”. The non-returner does not come back into human presence, or any lower world, after death. Rather, he is reborn in among the worlds of the Rūpadhātu called the Śuddhāvāsa worlds, or “Pure Abodes”, where he will achieve Nirvāṇa; Pāli: Nibbana; a few of them are born-again a 2nd time in a higher world of the Pure Abodes, however in no case are born into a lower state.

An Anāgāmī has actually deserted the 5 lower fetters that bind the mind to the cycle of renewal. An Anāgāmī is hence partially enlightened, and en route to best and total Enlightenment.

After the experience that indicates entry to this stage, all of the worst obstacles, such as hatred, greed, jealousy, and lack of knowledge, completely drop away, however a tip of a self-sense (a “me”) still remains– and with it, the tiniest trace of restlessness and frustration sticks around also. The experience itself is seldom accompanied by any emotion or excitement, just a clearer acknowledgment of what has actually currently been seen two times in the past. These individuals appear to be very content, peaceful, and without desire, but the subtlest preference for positive rather than negative experiences remains.

I discern the highest conception of emancipation as a golden brocade in a dream, and view the holy course of the illuminated ones as flowers appearing in one’s eyes.– Buddha


Arahant The 4th stage is that of Arahant, a fully enlightened human being who has deserted all fetters, and who upon decease (Sanskrit: Parinirvāṇa, Pāli: Parinibbāna) will not be reborn in any world, having wholly abandoned saṃsāra.

At this stage, the course bears ultimate fruit in nirvana– any recurring trace of a separate self falls away for great. The experience, frequently accompanied by unthinkable bliss, has actually been compared to falling into the depths of a cloud and vanishing. At this moment, the situations of life no longer have the tiniest hold over you; positive or unfavorable experiences no longer stir even the tiniest craving or dissatisfaction. As Buddha said, all that required to be done has actually been done. There’s nothing more to recognize. The course is total, and no further renewals are essential.

I see meditation as a pillar of a mountain, nirvana as a headache of daytime.– Buddha


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