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The 4 Noble Truths

Many Buddhists think about the Four Noble Truths to be

the primary components of the mentors of the Buddha. The4 Noble Facts are: Noble Reality Buddhist word Implying The reality of suffering

DukkhaAccepting that all life is impermanent and imperfect, which it includes suffering (disappointment or frustration).
The truth of the origin of sufferingSamudayaUnderstanding that there are things in life that trigger suffering, for example desire, which is the need for things to be a particular way.The reality of completion of suffering Nirodha Comprehending that suffering can be ended ifwe remove ourselves from yearning and desire.The truth of the path to the end of suffering Magga Knowing that there is a method
to end suffering: the Noble Eightfold Path.Many Buddhists thinkthat everything is the outcome of existing conditions (to put it simply, whatever comes from

something else). For that reason, something needs to cause suffering to exist and if the reason for suffering is eliminated, then the suffering will be stopped.Buddhists think that by working through the 4 Noble Truths they can end suffering. The Buddha taught that the Noble Eightfold Course(magga),

which is the fourth Noble Reality, is the way to end suffering. If a Buddhist can understand suffering and accept that it is possible to stop it, then they can search for the method to end it. This takes work and is hard. Nevertheless, by following the mentors of the Buddha, a Buddhist can’blow out ‘(like a candle light )the 3 Toxins of greed, hatred and ignorance(the three things that perpetuate human suffering). In other words, when we let go of the destruction that yearning causes, we enable our minds to be devoid of misery. This makes it possible to reach knowledge. Source

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