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3 Principles of the Path Teachings– Sunday 10.30 am 11.30 am (in English and is a basic class to assist Geshela find out English ). Cancelled due to Covid 19 In Praise of Dependent Arising and

the 2 Truths Teachings– Tuesday 7.00– 8.30 pm (Advanced Class)Online in the Gompa

(check calendar for dates )Guide to the Bodhisattva
‘s Method ofLife– Wednesday 7.00– 8.30 pm (appropriate for all)Online or in the Gompa THREE CONCEPTS OF THE PATH Teachings Sundays 10.30 am– 11.30 am click calendar for dates Our dear teacher Geshe Jampa Gyaltsen has actually kindly agreed to teach Je Tsong kha pa’s the Three Principles of the Course on Sunday mornings. Geshe la has been studying English and Sunday provides him an opportunity to teach in English. This course is ideal for new trainees as it provides among the most profound texts in an extremely simple and easy to comprehend way. Teaching in English allows Geshe la’s compassion and humour to shine through and these classes are constantly a lot of enjoyable, as well as creating the causes for Geshe la to be able to teach fluently in English in the future.
The 3 Principles of the Course provides the essential subjects of Renunciation, Bodhicitta and the View of emptiness, in a really concise and clear way and is a foundational text of Tibetan Buddhism. These teachings are preceded by Sunday Lam Rim analytical meditations, a fantastic method to prepare the mind for the true blessing of the Dharma.Facility Charge: Non-Members$10.00 Members and Concession$5.00 IN PRAISE of DEPENDENT ARISING and the 2 FACTS Teachings Tuesday 7– 8.30 pm click calendar for dates by Geshe Jampa Galtsen This year, during the Tuesday advanced class in Buddhist Viewpoint, which resumes on February 2, 2021, Geshe Jampa Gyaltsen will continue to teach the Prāsaṇgika Madhyamaka view by providing Je Tsong kha pa’s”In Praise of Dependent-Arising” in conjunction with a presentation of the Two Facts.”In Appreciation of Dependent-Arising”is one of the most extensive works devoted to the discussion of emptiness and connection Je Tsong kha pa( 1357-1419)composed. It includes, in a short and streamlined style, the totality of his mentors on emptiness in the type of an appreciation of Buddha Shakyamuni for having taught dependent-arising. As such, it is recited by Tibetans who wish to prepare their minds for an awareness of emptiness. As a fully-qualified Lharampa Geshe from Sera Je monastery and former disciplinarian of Tehor Khangtsen, Geshe-la is fantastically certified to teach such extensive topics.

We hope that all sincere students who are interested in the Buddhist view of vacuum will obtain themselves of this marvelous chance! Center Fee: Non-Members $14.00 Members and Concession$7.00 Teachings on Buddhist Approach– Santideva’s Bodhicaryavatara– Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life Wednesday 7– 8.30 pm click calendar for date

When Geshe Jampa Gyaltsen was first invited to teach at TBI by our Teacher,

the late Khensur Kangyur Rinpoche, he expressed the desire to teach Śāntideva’s Bodhicaryāvatāra(“Engaging in the Habits ofthe Bodhisattvas ” )which he had actually memorised when he was a young monk and which was very near to his heart. Khensur Rinpoche concurred however he recommended, however, that as a start he should teach the Lam Rim in information, which he has provided for practically 10 years. The time has actually come, at last, for Geshe-la to teach the totality of Śāntideva’s Bodhicaryāvatāra which he will do throughout the Wednesday class dedicated to general Buddhist teachings.The Bodhicaryāvatāra is the main text H.H. the Dalai Lama trusts when teaching basic audiences. This splendid work explains the practice of Bodhisattvas from both the approach and knowledge element of the path: each verse provides both short-term solace and long lasting spiritual sustenance.It is hard to receive a total transmission and mentors on this fantastic work by a Lharampa Geshe who has actually made it the center of his personal practice and we hope lots of Australian trainees will go to! These teachings are suitable for beginners and skilled students alike and provide a road map to happiness, so we can awaken our hearts and minds to the happiness and peace within. All are welcome to come to the mentors and afterwards join together for a chat, cup of chai and biscuits(and cake if we are lucky!)Facility Cost: Non-Members $14.00 Members and Concession$7.00 Source

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