The Polish weekend – Europe Center


It all started innocently. The EC sangha welcomed Artur Przybys ławski and Rafa ł Olech for a weekend to offer mentors and share their experience.

The Polish EC sangha members quickly chose to turn this see into “The Polish Weekend” with whatever that opted for it. We made prepare for design, food and the celebration obviously.

On Friday 31st January– the very first day of the course– we embellished the club and for the remainder of the weekend the colours white and red were controling the club, turning it into a much more cosy location.

For the following 2 days just Polish food was being served– red beet soup, sour rye soup and pierogi … great deals of pierogi, over 1500 pierogi– those Polish dumplings.

For Saturday night we had live guitar music, carried out by a Polish buddy, who originated from London specifically for this weekend. So all the external situations were genuinely terrific. But the mentors provided by the 2 gentlemen were a lot more unique. Rafa ł and Artur had actually never ever taught together in the past, however it ended up that they made an ideal match. All the lectures were hands on and rapidly developed into sessions of responses and concerns, as everyone wished to utilize such a chance to get their concerns responded to and their doubts liquified.

Both Artur and Rafa ł have actually been trainees of Lama Ole for more than twenty years, so they had rather some insights to share, stories to inform and deep mentors to hand down. We had a “full gompa carpet” for each of the 4 lectures as over 200 pals had actually signed up for the weekend, turning it into among our huge occasions. When the pals were gradually beginning to leave … see you all once again extremely quickly,

magic was still in the air on Marta afternoon!


EC team workshop day – Europe Center


A wish appeared and it is slowly coming true.

After a time with a lot of work but not so much clarity, the wish of the Sangha appeared to get to know more about their friends, who is involved where and what are they doing?!

First the group of people that help us in difficult times, so called trustees, introduced us to their idea of how to start a process of how to have more transparency and communication between the teams. In this very meeting they were sowing the seed for great development in our center.

Referring to this first meeting, two people got the mandate from the group to prepare the next “Team-process-meeting” – and that’s how it went.

It started with group work in the teams that are usually working together. Each team had to clarify their responsibilities; who is doing what, and especially with whom they have to communicate decisions or who else to ask and inform. Every group was creating a flipchart which was later shown in the Marketplace.

Speaking of, during the Marketplace (after the group-work) everyone had the chance to freely inform themselves about the other teams and clarify whatever was on their mind. Going on with the program, we were gathering in front of each flip chart while having such team talk about the news in their structure or changes between peoples position. This time was especially great for an exchange of the whole group. Even though everything took longer than expected, everyone wanted to stay and work together.

Interesting was also the so called “you-forgot-me corner” which was the space for everything that is somehow still missing or hasn’t been mentioned. However, the day was very productive and intense and will be continued in the next “Team-process-meeting”. See you there!