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In Buddhism, among the most challenging mentors for individuals to comprehend is anatman or non-self. The teaching mentions that in human beings there is no irreversible entity that can be called a soul or a self. This rejection of “any Soul or Self” is what identifies Buddhism from other significant faiths, such as Christianity and Hinduism, and offers Buddhism its originality. This sense of being a long-term, strong, self-governing self is an impression. The issue is this impression is so implanted into our normal experience. We have a sense of a long-term, private self, however that is all it is, a sense, a sensation.

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144 – The Game Of Emotions by Secular Buddhism

In this podcast episode, I will share some ideas around the concept that we can alter our relationship to our feelings by pretending that we’re playing a video game where the objective is to experience the complete series of possible feelings.

Celebrating my feelings as an expression of holding on to illusory desires.Interesting Altho I expect commemorating feelings rather of holding on to the idea that a various action ought to have happened, might be revitalizing.

I will practice not doing not like anything.

I’m happy to practice not avoiding from and/or repeatedly responding to my inflammation, anger, unhappiness, principles, and beliefs.