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Sydney Buddhist Centre Divests from Fossil Fuels


One method to think of the “global” nature of Buddhism is to think about not simply the spread of Buddhist professionals and organizations around the world however likewise how they envision and deal with international concerns.The most actually international problem of our time is anthropogenic environment modification. Recently, the Sydney Buddhist Centre revealed that it would divest from all nonrenewable fuel sources, declaring that it is the very first Buddhist organisation worldwide to do so. Seeing the media release, I was instantly interested whether and how the relocation was validated in Buddhist terms. Indeed among the Centre’s members, Ratnajyoti, describes that:

As Buddhists we are actively attempting to change our awareness so we value the outright affiliation in between all things. We wish to increase our awareness of the effects of our lifestyle and take obligation for them any place we can. The disaster of environment modification has such severe effects for all living beings we actually wish to begin to step up to the obstacle. Although this choice to move our cash or purchase green energy are little gestures we will be looking for to develop on them.

While I’m really supportive to this position, I question how other Buddhists view this problem. I might envision there is a variety of positions on the proper reaction towards environment modification. Any ideas?

Here is the complete text of the Centre’s media release:

Sydney Buddhist Centre initially in world to discard coal, gas, and oil financial investments

The Sydney Buddhist Centre has actually ended up being the very first Buddhist organisation worldwide to move its financial investments from coal, oil, and gas, making the ethical choice due to the increasing effects of environment modification being probed the world.

Globally, more than 520 organisations have actually divested from nonrenewable fuel sources– consisting of federal governments, spiritual, and universities.

One member of the Sydney Buddhist Centre Management Committee, Ratnajyoti stated it made good sense for his centre to move their financial investments away from nonrenewable fuel sources.

“We know that the extraction and burning of fossil fuels – coal, oil, and gas – is the main driver of climate change,” Ratnajyoti stated. “The decision to remove our investments away from banks that invest in fossil fuels was an ethical one we took after seeing the damage that unchecked fossil fuel burning is doing to our climate – and how these impacts are felt by those least able to afford it”.

“As Buddhists we are actively trying to transform our consciousness so we appreciate the absolute interconnection between all things. We want to increase our awareness of the impacts of our way of life and take responsibility for them wherever we can. The catastrophe of climate change has such serious impacts for all living beings we really want to start to step up to the challenge. Although this decision to shift our money or buy green energy are small gestures we will be seeking to build on them.”

Gillian Reffell who participates in the Centre stated she is happy it is blazing a trail and gotten in touch with other Buddhist centres around the world to follow

“I think it is great that the Sydney Buddhist Centre is following its ethics and taking action on climate change. I hope other Buddhist Centres and other spiritual groups will do the same,” Ms Reffell stated.

The relocation makes the Sydney Buddhist Centre simply the most recent of a growing variety of organizations to enter into a grassroots project that is spreading out around the world and is designed on the 1980s divestment motion to end apartheid in South Africa.

More info on nonrenewable fuel source divestment can be discovered here.

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I’m a speaker in the Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology at Georg-August University, Göttingen,Germany Interests consist of: global spiritual networks, popular religious beliefs in Thailand, spiritual tourist and commodification, and digital sociology.


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