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This is a nam man prai (cat) oil, for wealth attraction.  It is consecrated by Master Patana for 5 years. This cat was abused and hanged on a tree by someone years ago and its spirit has come to Master Patana when master was performing a ritual in the forest. The spirit has also led master to it’s body found hanging on a tree about 1km away from where master is chanting for a ritual. The vision of how it was abused and killed was shown to master by the cat’s spirit. It’s body was cremated by master and a ritual was performed for the cat’s spirit. Over the 5 years, master has delivered and help accumulated merits for this cat spirit. This cat spirit is also bound with one of a spirit of kumantong. These 2 spirits will assist each other spiritually to attain higher enlightenment and powers. Owners who obtain this oil will have 9 spiritual dimensions opened, wealth will increase significantly within a given time. Their merits will be shared with the owner. The owner will also have to make merits ongoing for them in order to continue to accumulate merits for them to be shared with the owner. Without consistent merits made, such merits will be exhausted and the flow of wealth will reverse. However, if constant merits are made, the wealth will flow in limitlessly.  A 9-days ritual will be made before shipping.

Recommended for wealth, high-risk investments, gambling and casino luck for high rollers, give powerful 6th sense for any high-risk gambling and investments.

Recreate wealth dimension destiny.

*Regular ritual must be performed at home on new moon and full moon.


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