Billionaire Wealth and Fame Nam Man Prai





This is purely for business, wealth, and fame purposes. Not for sexual attraction. This spirit (use to be a very successful business lady) as conjured by master is willing to help users to become very rich and successful if the user is able to make a promise of 10-years merits for her and her family. She wants the donation to be made to hospitals especially. And requests that 10% of the earnings every year should be made in her name regularly.  (Donation can be made towards any charity in your country.)
If you do not have so much money, do not choose this. She only grants to make the user become multi-millionaire and above are her requirements.
She promises to master that she will give the user a 20-year straight ultra success to any charitable person.

Name of this Nam Man Prai: Koon Sai Ying

***Spiritual practice is also required – advice will be given if you are suitable to get this.


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