Powerful Pure Nam Man Prai - Extreme Attraction





This is purely for attraction purposes.

Extreme changes in 4 most important spiritual dimensions of the love and relationship karmic path. Powerful for any form of love attraction.

For both men or women to attract love. It can help reconcile long lost relationship. The spirit of this nam man prai belongs to the Asura realm, her energy of love can influence and affect people around, and create powerful energy of peace, and affection.  Please note that master will do a 9-days custom ritual/prayers before shipping out. It is important for a ritual before it can be used. Your name, birthdate is required.

Name of this Nam Man Prai: Koon Tak or P’Tak

This amount will be made as merits for the spirit, and a binding ceremony will be made with the user. User name and birthdate must be submitted. A 9-days ritual will be carried out.  One bottle is for one wearer/user.

This Nam Man Prai is especially recommended for love attraction, reconciling a lost relationship, change a broken relationship, attract lovers for both men and women.

Also consists of precious gemstones for extra energies accumulation.


Ajarn Patana

Promoting World Peace and Powerful Blessings

Receive Daily and Monthly Full Moon Candle Lighting And Prayers.

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