Ghost Whisperer - Prai Kasip For Gambling Luck




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The Ghost Whisperer – Prai Kasip

Powerful Wealth Fetching, Gambling Luck, Windfall of Money Giving Powerful Sixth Sense To Wealth!

Helps in Business and Warns Owner of Danger. Can Help Owner to Improve Overall Luck and Lottery Luck!

Limited Pieces By Ajarn Patana
(Batch 1 YEAR 2559 = 2016)
Completed 108 Days of Chanting.

Made from corpse oil, cemetery soil, wealth fetching holy materials luck changing wax which you can apply on your forehead before going meeting anyone. This will improve your luck and attraction.

It will whisper to you and give you stronger 6th sense towards your successful path.
Make a wish and vow to prai kasip for fast results.


Out of stock

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