Prai Kasip King Whisperer




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Prai Kasip King Whisperer – Granting Wish
Powerful Gambling Luck

Spirit of King Ghost Whisperer (Prai Kasip) conjured by Master Patana is of high realm Asura realm. He has the powerful ability to give strong 6th sense to his owner. This form of magic is highly sought after by people who are involved in high-risk investments whereby they need to make quick and accurate decisions on their choice of investments. The king ghost whisperer is believed to whisper (6th sense) to his owner’s ears of the choice to make. This is especially suitable for people who need to make fast decisions on stock markets, gambling, casino, game of chance, lottery, quick-turnaround the business.

  • Gambling Luck
  • Wealth Improvement
  • Influence others decisions
  • Powerful 6th Sense


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