Nam man prai pendant 3 Nang





Nam man prai pendant 3 Nang-
No application needed.
For powerful love enchantment, bring back love from far distance, improve business luck, fame and attraction.

This consist of 3 nam man prai spirits, and is extreme powerful that give you extreme attraction, fame and also wealth.
The full amount of donation ($1,400 will be 100% donated in their names for coffins as part of the ritual and merits making.)

No application on skin is needed for this to work as these spirits has powerful spiritual energy to influence.

Just by wearing it, your touch on another person or your spoken words can become enchanted and powerfully influence. Increase your 6th sense and gives you warning of oncoming dangers.

Note that this is a mix of pure nam man prai with fragrant holy oil and herbs. The mix is to give more power to it and to overlay the smell of nam man prai so that wearer can wear it and not have a bad smell.

You can literally talk to the nam man prai to get answers, to increase your attraction, get attention and authority as and when you want.

A 9-days ritual will be made before shipping.

Name of this Nam Man Prai: Koon Mae Sing


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