Mae Nang Prai – Powerful Attraction Spell




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Mae Nang Prai – Powerful Attraction, Lust Attraction for Couples, Love Attraction.

Powerful Lust and Love Attraction for Men and Women. 
Powerful Lust and Love Magic to Make Your Lover Come Back To You.
Simply whisper to Mae Nang Prai to Bring Your Targeted Lover To You!
Possesses the Power to Make All Your Lovers Accept The Presence of One Another and “Drink from the same Village Water”

  • “Hypnotizes and Influences” Increase sexual appeal
  • Increase Charisma to attract new opportunities
  • Powerful for love attraction

Made from corpse oil, cemetery soil, wealth fetching holy materials Lust Attraction wax which you can apply on your forehead before going meeting anyone. This will give you an extreme attraction towards anyone.

Make your wishes and tell your target to mae nang prai and watch the magic happen.

Limited Pieces By Ajarn Patana
(Batch 1 YEAR 2558 = 2015)
Completed 108 Days of Chanting.


Out of stock

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