LukThep Angel Spirit For Love and Wealth - Small




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LukThep – Female Angel Spirit For Love and Wealth.

Powerful Lukthep – With Prai Kuman powder + Nam man prai kuman
Extremely Powerful Guaranteed By Ajarn Patana
Bind and Alter 3 spiritual dimension of one’s karmic path
Consecrated in 2016

Highly recommended for love attraction, getting assistance from people and wealth attraction.
Put at home to protect family from spiritual attacks, cleanses home energies, protects children at home and bring strong intuition to family
This is of high realm entity consecrated in 2016 by master Patana. Powerful wealth, protection and strong money luck.
With 9 cemetery soil, hair and ashes, sacred wood, holy flowers and holy incense ashes from master’s spirit house. These holy sacred items can bring about wealth opportunities and attract wealth. Gives owner strong intuition towards wealth. Call and attract customers and bring investment opportunities. It cleanse one’s aura and neutralizes negative effects of past karma at 3 spiritual wealth dimensions.


Out of stock

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