Magical Luck Enhancing Bracelet






Powerful Luck Enhancer – Moonstone + Amethyst + Auralite 23 + Howlite
Wealth Attracting, Improves Luck, Repel Evil Spells

This is a special combination created by Master Patana – This combination creates energy in the most harmonious way for the mind and body, the energies of amethyst and auralite 23 will also bring about powerful wealth luck, and changes. The metal pieces in between the stones also have the purpose of binding the energies and affecting the energy of the wearer. Master says that the Moonstone will bring peacefulness and create deep sleep for the wearer at night. Moonstone is a powerful stone for meditators and can raise consciousness in a powerful way. Auralite 23 consists of 23 types of powerful crystals and minerals within itself. Auralite 23 is 1.2billion years old. Master said that this stone (Auralite 23) is a gift given by the heavens which have the best combinations of energies. These bracelets have been through 2 full moon rituals that harness the powerful energies of the moon and higher deities. Limited pieces are available.

  • Evil spells and black magic protection
  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Create strong protection energies and repels negative energies
  • Balances chakra
  • recommended for meditation and raising consciousness

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14CM, 15CM, 16CM, 17CM


Ajarn Patana

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