Coffin Hong Prai




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Coffin Hong Prai –  Wealth and Love Attraction. Powerful Necromancy – Please read the description.

Strong spiritual energies hong prai. This is made of buffalo bones, soil from the cemetery, ashes of the dead. This has the strong and powerful energies of a person who died of an accident and sudden death. This was given to master by a follower, because of the strong energies, the follower could not handle it. This was consecrated by another master initially, and it was a very powerful and strong spirit but with absolutely no positive or compassion merits to help people. The prai spirit within it was strong but still suffering. Master has added holy ashes and sacred items to further consecrate it. Master has helped to take care of it and has delivered many years of merits and chanting. It is now considered of the high realm asura spirit. This will binds one’s 6 spiritual dimensions. Whatever wishes should be written on a piece of yellow paper and be kept in the coffin. The owner’s hair and 10 fingernails and toenails are to be cut and place together in the coffin for final binding. This is one of the powerful hong prai spirit re-consecrated by Master Patana. Anyone who wants a huge change and turns in life should consider adopting this. It is recommended to make merits once a month on full moon to help increase more wealth and opportunities. Master ensures that nothing will backfire and this will help the owner under Master Patana’s precepts and commands.


1 in stock

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