Science and The Buddha

Kevin concentrates on mentor meditation and mindfulness as easy, practical abilities. He teaches us how and why meditation works, makes use of the most up-to-date clinical research, and introduces us to methods that we can utilize on the go– whenever and wherever we are. He is likewise eager to assist us find innovative methods to adapt meditation to our own needs. His teaching approaches show his life experiences as a high-level communicator and participant-observer in the media, politics and corporate life. He has a specific interest in the science of meditation, in addition to in the cultures and traditions from which such strategies are drawn. Kevin was introduced to meditation in 1992 by popular meditation instructor Eric Harrison of the Perth Meditation Centre.

Kevin lead the group in meditation by first asking us to unwind and listen to sounds around us. By doing this we shift from believing to observing. The meditation is a full detailed body scan encouraging us to merely observe, not believe nor engage with random thoughts. The meditation is well suited to all levels of meditators.

After meditation Kevin opened to concerns.

To find and download particular Armadale Meditation Group (AMG) Teachings visit our BSWA Podcast and type the AMG title you desire into the search box.

Audio mentors are offered to download from our BSWA Podcast (Dharma talks and guided meditations) and BSWA DeeperDhamma Podcast (retreats and suttas). Videos can be seen on our BSWA Youtube Channel and YouTube playlists. Books and articles are readily available on our website here.


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