Higher Spiritual Access

Accumulation of Spiritual Energies

Gemstones – Spiritual Energies Accumulation

Charges up 7 chakra energies area – All gemstones amulet/takruts are consecrated by master through powerful full moon, new moon and eclipse rituals. Wearing one of these will accumulate high dimensions’ spiritual energies which will increase one’s spiritual consciousness and increase clarity of 3rd-eye. 

Access and Create Change At 6th Dimension

6th Dimension Change – Spiritual Energies Accumulation

These are amulets/statues that dwells high dimensions’ spirits. Spirits will communicate and give owner guidance via the 3rd-eye. It is suggested to meditate regularly to establish high clarity of spiritual connection.


Ajarn Patana

Promoting World Peace and Powerful Blessings

Receive Daily and Monthly Full Moon Candle Lighting And Prayers.

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