Higher Spiritual Access

Create A Conscious Karmic System For Yourself
To Recreate Your Destiny

1. Create a quality input (Merits pillars) for the 3rd to 5th dimensions:
The simplest conscious thing we can do is to consciously choose to create a quality input in our 3rd dimension and allow the law of karma to work itself within the 3rd to 5th dimensions. Building consistent merits in our day to day life in a non-arithmetic way would lead to a positive karmic circle.  Merits also mean that any actions that create joy for others and yourself. Master reminds that one’s stinginess towards helping others or giving others joy reflects one’s worries and fears deep within which results in low vibration and low frequencies. The quality of merits is determined by the moment of thoughts. Giving joy and alleviating the fears and worries of others are also considered merits. However, do not limit yourself to only one form of merits.

Merits can include giving anyone emotional support, giving love, giving comfort, spreading good spiritual teachings, saving a life, alleviating suffering for others, giving medical aid, giving education, giving food, giving shelter, abstaining from killing, saving the environment, taking care of the nature and animals. And do so in a spontaneous way.  

2. Building up the spiritual energies(Ether/Pran) within your body to increase clarity to your 3rd-eye.
Meditation rituals with candles and water will help channel energies from the sun and moon to your body. The accumulation of these spiritual energies will become functional when we make conscious changes at the higher dimensions and the energies will assist in increasing of clarity of wisdom received via our 3rd-eye and all other chakra points. 

Alternatively, you can also consider wearing a consecrated gemstone amulet to channel different ether energies to different chakra points of your body. 

3. Manifesting at higher dimensions:
Any spirit type amulets would function as a “messenger” for their owner at the higher dimension, and particularly at the 6th dimension. However, it would be important to build up your spiritual energies and also to create pillars of merits for this to work optimally. Spirit type amulets or statues consecrated by master will become a messenger and function through the 3rd and higher dimensions, and Ether/Spiritual Energies from you are what powers and feed their souls. In other words, spiritual energies are the food that fuels their function and they will need your practice to accumulate and exchange the energies. This will create a binding and positive karmic circle which will strengthen and get stronger over time. 

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