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Reflections on Suffering|Jade Mountain Buddha Hall


This is a Eurasian eagle-owl seen the other day at a regional wildlife rescue centre. Apparently, these animals are long-lived and typically outlast their‘owners’ When this takes place, Clearly there are those who will look after them. My these birds were born to fly. eurasian-eagle-owl Below heart heads out to such animals.

Reflecting is a copy of a remark I delegated the other days post.Camels now I recognize that context is all and not offering the information of my lived previous days would have readers picture I was discovering humour at the cost of straight-out ruthlessness to thoseFar

Sometimes from that.‘out there’ what one encounters in the course of a day is SO One that a person is taken previous outrage and condemnation. ‘madness’ can nevertheless end up being numb with the assault of constant For to the point where catastrophe, ruthlessness and lack of knowledge end up being the standard. There numerous in this world, animals consisted of, numb is the only practical reaction when death is close– regularly a sluggish death at that. Bigger is no humour here AND if one cares to be still the smile in ones’ heart stays.

We, larger and indescribable.And have actually been living, we are still living and will continue to cope with such levels of insanity (suffering) in our world that the revers, pins and needles and outrage, smash together taking one past the discomfort.

‘Battle’ still one engages.‘whatever it might be’ versus We, can end up being a lifestyle as can disengagement and passivity. on have the edge of a sword to balance

Painful as we go onwards.Frequently?

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