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Powerful Master's Collection- Limited Pieces
All items will go through 9 days custom ritual.
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Powerful Python Spur Amulet. Rare
Powerful Gambling Luck and Sales Luck. (Enhances wealth luck energy)
Suitable for increasing luck energy for gambling and also helps sales and any high risk money luck.

Suitable for people who are doing online sales and high risk money luck
This is a rare type of ritual and it is taken from python snakes which died of natural death. Pythons are known for it’s powerful spirituality and known to give powerful aura and energy enhancement to it’s owner to attract big wealth. Master can only make limited pieces during the last 8 years. 8 pieces are released for overseas followers on this site. Total made were only 12 pieces over the last 8 years.  (Beware of fakes that claims to be python spur, these are rare and only certain python spur can be used for consecration) 

$129 each (4 pieces left)

Donation will be made towards charity, we are non-profit. Please kindly help the charity. 


Powerful Luck Stones – Kyanite + Onyx + Jasper
Kyanite stones have very strong energies that can lead one to higher spirituality and higher consciousness. It enhances the energy of wearer in a powerful way. This bracelet has also completed 2 full moons rituals which harnesses powerful energies of the high deities, wearer will be able to feel it’s energy and create a balance in the energy of body. Master says that if worn for 90 days, there will be significant changes to one’s consciousness which may lead to many great things in life. This bracelet will affect one’s energy and wearer may also receive higher realm’s guidances.

$199 each (sizes available: 14cm, 15cm, 16cm, 17cm)
Material: stainless steel plated with 18k gold. 



Powerful Luck Enhancer – Moonstone + Amethyst + Auralite 23 + Howlite
This is a special combination created by Master Patana – This combination creates energy in the most harmonious way for the mind and body, the energies of amethyst and auralite 23 will also bring about powerful wealth luck and changes. The metal pieces in between the stones also have purpose of binding the energies and affecting the energy of the wearer. Master says that the Moonstone will bring peacefulness and create deep sleep for the wearer at night. Moonstone is a powerful stone for meditators and can raise consciousness in powerful way. Auralite 23 consist of 23 types of powerful crystals and minerals within itself. Auralite 23 is 1.2billion years old. Master said that this stone (Auralite 23) is a gift given by the heavens which has the best combinations of energies. These bracelets have been through 2 full moon rituals which harnesses the powerful energies of the moon and higher deities. Limited pieces available. 

$199 each (sizes available: 14cm, 15cm, 16cm, 17cm)
Material: stainless steel plated with 18k gold. 


Real Meteorite Power Stone for Wealth & Success
This is a special batch of Meteorite stone and Labradorite magic stone infused with 99 full moons and new moon rituals. 

Guaranteed to bring positive financial changes and wealth – Suitable for business people, and whoever are in sales job. Creates powerful and strong aura around wearer that will attract wealth opportunties. Limited Pieces. 

$190 each



One Eye Coconut Phra Rahu – Destiny Changing, Eliminate Bad Luck and Change Destiny.
Consecrated more than 10 years ago. 
This is a very rare one-eye coconut Rahu consecrated more than 10 years ago by Master Patana. It is carved with the image of Phra Rahu and has gone through many full moon and new moon rituals. Phra Rahu is a high realm asura deity whom can help turn bad luck into good and helps neutralizes negative karma. Placing the phra rahu coconut at home will help bring in great wealth and powerful protection to all family members. Change your luck within 90 days and experience powerful changes in your life. 

$399 – Donated by Singapore Follower (Ms Chua)

Real powerful lunar meteorite stone for ultra success.
This is a genuine Lunar meteorite stone that is believed to be possessed with magical properties and spirit. This stone will bring strong spiritual guidance and powerful changes to energu field at home to the positive. Master guarantees that this stone will create powerful changes for owner in just 90 days. Placing this stone at home will bring about big wealth opportunities. A special ritual has also completed for this special stone. And it has also accumulated 10 years of powerful merits.  

Follower who donate for this will have to make promise to donate 10% of wealth to 9 different charities in 9 countries. 

$12,000USD (Not available)

A Singapore follower has donated for this. Donated amount was used for various charities. Follower has came personally to bring the money to donate to hospital, orphanages and other charities.


Black Magic Mountain Spirit Powerful Phra Ngang – Completed  108 Full Moons Rituals. 9 Years

This is a well known magic of Khmer Cambodia. Phra ngang is known for extremely powerful for attraction, love, wealth and success. This is suitable for anyone in business, sales and to help attract love. 

 Phra Ngang was a friend and disciple of the Buddha who during his life had a big problem to meditate in peace because it was so beautiful that many women came to offer him although he was a monk. He then engaged in a solitary meditation practice and wished to lose his beauty so that he could practice the Dharma for the good of all sentient beings and then changed into a kind of hideous dwarf with red eyes and big ears. Beings throughout his life in this weird form, he was teaching the Dharma to the poor in the villages, and at his death he vowed to help those who wear his effigy.

Phra Ngang would be the ghost of a great Warrior, dead in battle protecting his familly and determined to protect all those who pray him. He would thus have reached the levelof a Deva and could manifest himself through his images (statues and amulets)

Phra Ngang amulets were very primitive Buddha amulets (Phra Chai), worn by some fighters during the battles of Ayuthaya period. After the battles, the monk would come, collect the bodies and find those amulets, often with their top bent and with their eyes caked in blood. It was decided to transfer the spirit of those dead warrior into the amulets, so that they could amend for their sin and accumulate merits by helping the wearer of the amulet for a period of time. 

All master’s Phra Ngang are made with ashes and soil of sacerd mountains of the northern thailand and cambodia.

$490 – Last available


Coffin Hong Prai –  Wealth and Love Attraction. Powerful Necromancy – Please read description.

Strong spiritual energies hong prai. This is made of buffalo bones, soil from cemetery, ashes of the dead. This has strong and powerful energies of a person who died of accident and sudden death. This was given to master by a follower, because of the strong energies, the follower could not handle it. This was consecrated by another master initially, and it was very powerful and strong spirit but with absolutely no positive or compassion merits to help people. The prai spirit within it was strong but still suffering. Master has added holy ashes and sacred item to further consecrate it. Master has helped to take care of it and has delivered many years of merits and chanting. It is now considered of the high realm asura spirit. This will binds one’s 6 spiritual dimensions. Whatever wishes should be written on a piece of yellow paper and be kept in the coffin. Owner’s hair and 10 finger nails and toe nails are to be cut and place together in the coffin for final binding. This is one of powerful hong prai spirit re-consecrated by Master Patana. Anyone who wants a huge change and turn in life should consider adopting this. It is recommended to make merits once a month on full moon to help increase more wealth and opportunities. Master ensures that nothing will backfire and this will help the owner under Master Patana’s precepts and commands.

$390 – (RESERVED)

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