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The True Power of Meditation

Guided Meditation Recording

We have created a guided mediation recording for all followers who wants to meditate during this time.  Please download the file below. 

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Meditation is the only way to access the higher consciousness. It is the only way to see beyond the physical realm and the only way to tap into our super consciousness. Through meditation, one can see and communicate with higher spirits. The truth of  life and existence will become transparent in the higher dimensions through meditation. It is only through clearing one’s mind, one will be able to access to the higher knowledge and wisdom. All manifestations and powers are above the 3rd dimension realm, and it is only via meditation one can access this realm. 

Over the many years, master has taught followers on some of the different ways to start their meditation. Master Patana has created various “short-cut” yet powerful ways which one can attain higher consciousness and also enables one to be able to communicate with higher dimensions spirits. If practice long enough, one may be able to attain certain super human ability to look into future (akashic records) changes one’s own destiny, helps self healing and helps others to heal. 

Just before we go on any further, there are some FAQs which followers asked master about meditation.

Q. How should one start meditation in our everyday busy life?
A: The most easiest way to start with is to become aware of everything that is around you, just by becoming more aware of things around you, you have already started the first stage of meditation. Being aware also means by living your life at the moment, let all your thoughts be at the moment of whatever you are doing, live in the NOW and never let your thoughts wonder in the past or future. Live and enjoy the moment of now is the most basic start of meditation. As you are doing your daily task, driving, playing, walking, eating, let your thoughts be at the moment and not in the future or past. Just like a child, a child never live in the past or future. Their thoughts are always at the moment of whatever they are doing. That is why the child has no negative energies of resentment or hatred. Hatred and resentments are simply the thoughts of the past or your imagined future.  So to start off, live your life at the moment, enjoy the moment of now!

Q: I cannot sit up too long or sit up straight to meditate, I cannot start meditating. How should I start then?
A: Sitting up in lotus position is only 1 of the 112 ways to meditate. It does not mean that it is mandatory to sit up straight in order to start meditation. You can always lie down to meditate or sit on your comfortable sofa to meditate. Sitting up straight is one way which is most popular in yoga practice, it is also the position of how Buddha meditate and gained enlightenment. But that is not the only way. You can always find your most comfortable position to meditate. If you can’t sit straight for long, then lie down to meditate. 

Q: You have given other methods of meditation and said that one need not sit up to meditate, so why all of the religions has taught to sit in lotus position in order to start meditation?
A: Not all religion has taught followers to sit straight up to meditate. The Christians don’t, they sing and dance as part of their meditation. Just that many do not realize that they have actually gone into the states of meditation. So, why meditate in lotus position? Lotus position meditation is made popular by Buddha and many yogis, it is the position Buddha gained enlightenment and it is also through awareness of breathing which Buddha gained enlightenment. That is also why in Vipassana meditation, everyone are asked to sit in lotus position. Many people who practices meditation the lotus position way has yet to even know how to sit in the correct way! First, one must understand that the lotus position is also known as the weightless meditation, it is only be sitting upright and without any support at the back, one will not know their weight, and if you sit slightly bent to the left or right, the gravitational force will make you become more conscious of your own weight, that is why this is known as weightless meditation, if the position is correct, you will find yourself lighter and as you meditate deeper, you may feel yourself floating up. It is one method that helps detaches one’s mind from the physical (weight). Without the awareness of your own weight, you will be able to enter higher consciousness faster. Because weight creates the awareness of your physical body, by detaching the awareness of your own weight, you will be detached from your physical body. And by sitting upright, one would straighten the spine. By concentrating on the spine and imagining the spine, one may look into their own body (like a x-ray) when they go deeper into meditation.

Q: Is it really possible for anyone to look into one’s past and future (Akashic) through meditation?
A: Yes absolutely, with enough practice, anyone can tap and access these records. It is part of human ability, we are all born with it. We only need to open it and access this part of our ability. If one practices non judgemental of others, practices great compassion, without resentments, no greed, and some meditation will enable one to open up this  ability to access the akashic records. 

Q: My surrounding is always noisy, and it is impossible to meditate with noise around me. Is there a better way?
A: There are 2 ways you can meditate. One way is to listen to chantings with your earphones, we have technology now, use them! Muffle away all the noises and even use sleeping masks to cover your eyes if the lights are too bright! Another way is to make use of your surrounding noise to meditate. This way is to switch on your full awareness of these noises. If you are at a crowded area, start becoming more aware of the footsteps around you, or becoming aware of how many people are coughing or clearing their throats in your surrounding noise. Count the numbers of coughs! You will be astonished to count hundreds of them. By being aware of your surroundings and the noises is meditation!

Q: My schedule and work is too busy that I can find no time to meditate at all, is there other ways to practice?
A: People often find excuses, they can find so much time typing on their phone, buying stuffs online and watching videos. But never be able to find time to even meditate for 10-15 minutes. They are plenty of time you have, it is not that you can find no time, you simply refused to. Meditation is simply raising your awareness on everything, if you think you can find no time for deep meditation, at least practice to raise your awareness during your activities. You can always meditate during your commute from work to home, or during your shower. You surely can find time when you become more aware of yourself.

Q: I cannot empty my mind during meditation, it is the most difficult part to try thinking or nothing. Please give your advice.
A: Most teachers will tell you to think of nothing, and by telling you to think of nothing is already telling you to do something. The more you repress certain things, the more you have desire for. Simply focus your mind on the moment of now, and naturally you will think of nothing else. That is why in meditation, we focus on breathing, feel how your breath enters your nose and to your chest and to your stomach. Repeat the process and you will be led to another consciousness. It is simply by focusing on your breathing, you are experiencing the moment of now. The idea of “thinking of nothing” is so that you do not work on your memories of either the past or future, because that will only trigger more unnecessary emotions and wasting more time lingering on the past emotions and memories, the idea is to detach yourself from existing emotions so that you can achieve higher consciousness. However, you can still use certain imaginations to help you attain higher consciousness during meditation. (Read below for methods.) 

Methods to Meditate

1: Deep breathing method: This is one of the fast way to get into higher vibrations. It is not like any other forms of breathing, it is real deep breathing and total exhalation at fast pace. You should breathe in deeply and totally fill your lungs at fast pace and push out all the air (empty out your lungs) at fast pace. Don’t do it slow, a split second difference will have a totally different effect. Do this and repeat about 30-40 times. Do it fast. You should feel some giddiness going on in your head and numbness around your head and even your body after the fast 30x breathing. After the 30 times breathing, you should regulate back to normal breathing and enjoy the moment. Maintain that moment of vibration by breathing normally. It is important not think of anything negative, as you may accidentally communicate with the higher spirits through your third eye. 

2. Listen to music and follow the beat of the music: We are in the technology era, we should all intelligently make use of the technology to help us with spiritual growth! Meditation music can lead one into higher vibrations too, just like chanting. You can listen to slow and low pitch meditation music to help you with raising the vibrations. (You can listen to the specially created 8-dimensional meditation music at this link.)

3. Use imagination: This is also one of the easiest ways to meditate. Everyone has a memory of how you travel from one place to another, you remember the route to work? Or to your favorite shopping mall? Maybe you drive or by public transport? You know the directions to get to the place right? Close your eyes and start thinking and imagining the route if you drive to your favorite shopping mall. Imagine that you start your car, drive out your drive way or the carpark and what do you see next? Follow the directions in your imagination and imagine driving to your favorite shopping mall or to your work place. Imagine vividly all that you will see along the way! This form of meditation raises one’s awareness, you can always use imagination to raise certain awareness, just ensure that your imagination does not trigger negative emotions.

4. Play dead: Lie down comfortably on your bed, breathe normally and imagine you are dead. No matter what you feel on your skin or whatever you are hearing, tell yourself you are dead, and you cannot do anything about it. Even if your position gets uncomfortable, don’t move because you are dead. Pull through that moment of being “dead” even if it is uncomfortable at your position, and you will enter into another higher vibration. All other uncomfortable feelings will settle down later.  

5. Third-eye focus: Close your eyes and have your eye balls stared at your third eye area behind your eyelids. Hold the position there and focus on your breathing. You should be focusing on the exchange of breath, the point when you exchange the breath – Be aware of the point of exchange as you stare at your third eye area. That point of exchange of breath is also known as the point of death where that split milliseconds has no breath. And it is also the focus and awareness of that point of exchange that Buddha gained his enlightenment.  

More methods will be updated soon after completion of more translations.

Meditation Stone
Harnessing Cosmo Energies for Spiritual Growth


Master has consecrated the above meditation stone – According to master, if one meditates with this stone, the vast energies that is currently occurring will be harnessed into the stone. Such energies can be used to help one grow spiritually and raise consciousness. 

Master says that people are no longer sensitive to the energies of the nature and universe because man has became too self-centered. 

Many people fear to meditate because they are afraid to know their true self within. However, only by seeing your true-self once again you will be able to become a brand new person and leading a brand new life without sufferings. All great fortunes and health will then follow. 

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