Post Script on The Importance of Genre: A Poetic Scandal in Contemporary Buddhist Literature

After publishing about the literary scandal brought on by in 2015’s publication of The First Free Wome n by Weingast, I got a terrific e-mail from Bhikkhu K. He directed me to 2 sites that might be of interest to readers of this blog site.

1. Sutta Central has complicated and complete translations of every verse in the Ther īgāthā (Verses of the Elder Nuns). The initial Pāli verses are offered and translations by different authors and in a range of languages are used. Below is a photo of the links offered to translations and initial variations of the very first verse in the Ther īgāthā This is rather an amazing resource!

2. Bhikkhu K. has actually established a thorough site entitled that has many resources concerning the Ther īgāthā and Weingast’s “reimagining.”

The website has links to essays that supply a complete background to the publication and follow on issues and conversations. It has tips for actions you can require to voice your issues about Shambhala’s publication and their handling of the scenario.

Most crucial to this problem are side by side contrasts of Ther īgāthā verse translations by scholars like K.R. Norman’s with Weingast’s “reimagining”, followed by commentary concerning the distinctions in between the variations. This is an exceptional resource and needs to not be neglected by Buddhists or by scholars of Buddhist literature, Buddhist poetry, ladies in Buddhism, Buddhist monasticism, I might go on. See on your own in the screenshot listed below from

Thank you Bhikkhu for bringing all of this to my attention!

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