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Noble Eightfold Course, The

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The Buddha’s mentors center around 2 standard concepts. One is the Four Noble Realities, in which the Buddha identifies the issue of suffering and suggests the treatment needed to remedy this issue. The other is the Noble Eightfold Path, the useful discipline he prescribes to root out and eliminate the deep underlying causes of suffering.

This book uses a concise and extensive explanation of the Eightfold Course. Bhikkhu Bodhi analyzes each element of the course to determine what it indicates in the method of practical training. In the concluding chapter, he demonstrates how all aspects of the path function in unison to bring about the realization of the goal of freedom.

From the beginning by the author:

“The essence of the Buddha’s teaching can be summarized in two concepts: the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Course. The first covers the side of teaching, and the primary reaction its elicits is understanding; the 2nd covers the side of discipline, in the broadest sense of that word, and the main action it calls for is practice.”

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