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Nam Man Prai Offerings

What kind of offerings you should give to Nam Man Prai?

Since nam man prai is literally praying to the dead. It is IMPORTANT to offer drinks, rice and meat. This will energize the spirit as spirit will take in the energy emitted by the food/meat. The food must be changed at least once a week. It will be even better, if you are able to change daily. Another important thing to do when requesting for help is to make a promise in exchange for favors. Many people got the wrong idea that blood have to be fed in order for the nam man prai to be effective. (That is utterly rubbish) What most spirits want most is to be able to receive ongoing merits. Merits like making a donation to charity in their name or merits towards her family, this will energize them and make them more powerful. Their willingness to help the user will also increase ten-fold by making merits for them. Incense for the nam man prai is also as important as it is a form of respect you can offer to it. If you are able to take good care of the nam man prai, the spirit will also take good care of you and your family.

Don’t ever use commanding ways to communicate, it must always be respectful and treat the prai spirit as your family or even ancestor when you pray to her.

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