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Nam Man Prai Offerings– 

Merits making in the name of Nam Man Prai is the most important form of offering.
One may also make food offerings once a week. (It can be the same food that you have prepared for yourself.) The food can be offered on the altar for about 10 minutes and a yellow candle should be lit. 1x incense can be lit if the burning of incense is convenient. (Incense is optional.)

Many people have the wrong idea that blood has to be fed in order for the nam man prai to be effective. (It is incorrect) What most spirits want most is to be able to receive ongoing merits. Merits like making a donation to charity in their name or merits towards her family will help their spirituality to become even more powerful. Their willingness to help the user will also increase ten-fold by making merits for them.  If you are able to take good care of the nam man prai, the spirit will also take good care of you and your family.

Don’t ever use commanding ways to communicate, it must always be respectful and treat the prai spirit as your family when you pray.

Please also read this link about the new moon and full moon ritual with Nam man prai for powerful spiritual guidance. since 2008

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