Cat Nam Man Prai For Wealth

Effects of Owning Nam Man Prai – 

Many people wonder, what kind of effect can nam man prai bring to the user. Since every nam man prai oil is unque (extracted from a different person.), it depends on how willingly the spirit wants to help the user and the strength or efficacy of the oil will also depend on the past karma of the dead person from which the oil is extracted from. And therefore the effect of every nam man prai can be unique as well.

Attraction Purpose Nam Man Prai

Generally, if you have chosen the love/sexual attraction type of nam man prai, a little drop of the oil on your targeted subject or simply by wearing the amulet may influence his/her thinking about you. What the spirit literally do is influence the mind or even possess the victim (if possible) for a short while and lead her/him to do what you desire. It can have either a long-lasting or short term effect, depending on how you request and what form of merits you promised. Nam Man Prai for attraction can also be used to assist in the reconciliation of a broken relationship or to help strengthen a weak relationship. 

Wealth Attraction and 12 Dimensions Altering Nam Man Prai
This type of Nam Man Prai creates a harmonious circle of good wealth karma for the user. It literally creates an exchange of spiritual energies (Ether) which you have accumulated from your good deeds or merits with specifically the 6th dimension.  The more Ether/Merits/Spiritual Energies you have accumulated, the more wealth would happen in your reality and re-creating a more successful and stable life. 

It is important to note that Nam man prai can be extremely powerful and it will be also dangerous if one abuses its use for an immoral purpose. 

However, if for fame, wealth purpose. The spirit will help influence people around you to like you more than your competition, and can also influence people to offer cash to you. In business, the prai spirit can help pull clients to you and make them give you more deals or literally hand cash to you. This type of nam man prai can also be very good for an unexpected windfall of money. since 2008

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