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My 5 Noble Truths


< img src ="http://maiaduerr.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/sunrise.jpg 1024w, http://maiaduerr.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/sunrise-300x223.jpg 300w" alt =" daybreak "width="571"height=" 426 "/ > All of my work is rooted in these 5 beliefs:

1: Liberty is an inside job.There is a wellspring of nourishment, inspiration, and resilience offered to all of us, at all times — no matter what our life situations. I think this with all my heart due to the fact that I have experienced it in my own life.

I like helping people and companies to figure out how to find liberty within the landscape of their particular scenarios.

2: Relationship is everything.
This isn’t simply a solo gig that we’re on … we live in an adjoined, interdependent world. We condition each other and we are conditioned by each other. Our “private” choices have an effect far beyond what we can see or know. Our personal freedom is straight linked with the well-being of others.

I deal with progressive nonprofit companies on how to do what I call “relationship-based marketing” to effectively engage their supporters. This translates to better lead to fundraising, volunteers, occasion attendance, taking action on your cause, and more.

3: We’re One, however we’re not the very same. Which’s beautiful.I passionately believe that we have much to gain from each other, which we typically discover the most from those who are not so comparable to us. Over 10 years of dealing with people that society would call” mentally ill “showed me that there are other ways of seeing and being in the world than what we typically recognize. As a cultural anthropologist, I’m trained to see the diversity that exists in the human experience. I translate this skill into insights that can help organizations and businesses much better comprehend individuals whom they serve. 4: Story is powerful medicine.Each people has a story, one that we can re-write anytime.

The power of stories is to verify our place in deep space, to connect us to each other, and to heal us. We give each other a gift when we listen to each others’stories, deeply and thoroughly, for the gems hidden

in each of them. We offer ourselves a gift when we are familiar with our own story more totally, and when we recognize that we have it in our power to write a brand-new story and produce a more liberating method of being in the world for ourselves and others. In all of my deal with people and organizations, I weave in the proficient use of story.

5: Reflection.Usually we think of the four cardinal instructions: north, south, east, and west. However in lots of other cultures,

there is a 5th instructions that represents “here, “or the center. I value going back to take a much deeper take a look at what’s going on, and recognizing covert presumptions that may block our capability to see more imaginative solutions to whatever difficulty we’re facing. I think that the best way to understand how to get”there “is to comprehend more fully what’s taking place right here where we are. This reflective capacity is at the heart of all

of my work. Wish to discover more about how we can collaborate? Please visit this page. Source

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