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Charity Based - By Respectable Ajarn Patana

If This Doesn't Change Your Destiny, Nothing Else Will.

This site is maintained by followers of master. It is to serve and help people who do not have access to true spiritual service, and who do not understand the Thai language. We are truly charity based, and we believe that our work will build up good merits for ourselves. And merits are what we want to gain from this work and to spread the good guidance from Master Patana. People who do not trust us, or have doubt about master. You may request a visit to master, meeting with master is once a year. As master is not commercialize, he always insist to stay low profile while spreading his teachings through his followers. Finally, if you have doubt due to any reasons, please send us an email before making any false claims or assumptions of this site and of master.

We are Charity Based. Payments will go towards coffin building to help lonely deceased, medical purposes, temple building, education for the poor. We are non-profit, and please note that this is a spiritual service, results will vary for different individual according to their current life's karma. However, for any person who are willing to follow master's advise you will surely experience change in your life path. You will be able to get more wealth, get the perfect love life and towards success in life.

Merits Making – Merits Accumulation.

What exactly are merits? And how can merits help? 

Merits are energies, they are good deeds. What you seed is what you will sow. Compassion merits is the highest form of merits that gives one the power to manifest anything they wish for in their life. It is the energy that inter-connects the physical realm and the non-physical.  According to master, energies only transforms and never dissipates. Energies of merits from a person can transform into different forms to manifest or to help neutralize negative karmas. Your good deeds, thoughts and words creates your form of merits and karma. Thoughts are not just within ourselves nor it is just within our minds, our thoughts has energies that projects outside of our physical body and can be projected into the spiritual realm. People often thinks that thoughts are only within their own mind, and it is not true. Our thoughts has energies and will create our merits and karma at the same time. Compassion merits can be built through donations to help the less fortunate. People who are filled with such merits will never experience a day of poverty.


The power of full moon – The full moon day is filled with powerful energies, the energies can affect any living things with maximum effects. One should realize that the sea-level will increase during a full moon day, the energy within can pull the billion tons of water to high levels, and such energies will also affect any living things. On a full moon day or just few days approaching full moon, one will also realize that many people will act upon a thought with impulsiveness.  It is the energy of the moon that causes many changes around the world in the physical realm. The energies of the full moon maximizes any thoughts or feelings and it has great powers in the spiritual realm that gives limitless powers to spiritual energies. If one is angry or have great resentment, they will usually act upon that thought or desire with impulsiveness. If one has compassion, love or good thoughts, such energies will also maximize during the day of full moon. That is also the reason why many religion has focus on meditation, or eating vegetarian on the day of full moon, because every form of energies get maximized during this day. It is also a good day to deliver merits, make donations, liberations of animals during this day, such energies of compassion will too get maximize at many levels. Any merits will get doubled or tripled during this day.


Merits delivery – Full Moon Candle Lighting and Chanting. – Merits can be dedicated to your adopted spirit or past life creditors.

All merits delivery will be donated  towards charity. A ritual with your name will also be done during every month’s full moon day. 
The amount will be accumulated for coffin makings, education, medicines, liberations, temple buildings etc.

For donation $250 and above, we will be able to deliver coffin for lonely deceased in individual names.
This is believed to greatly help increase wealth merits.

You may use this service to deliver merits and promises to your kumantong, luk kok or nam man prai.
Once payment is completed, you will be redirected to a page to fill up your details and we will use this details for the merits delivery. 

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