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Meet Tanya Deeley, Practitioner of Zen and Rolfing


Tanya Deeley

In this short article, previous SFZC citizen and body employee Tanya Deeley explains how she discovers the disciplines of Zen and Rolfing to be equally helpful. If you are influenced to check out life in a Zen temple, you might wish to think about one of our numerous Guest Student and Apprenticeship chances at Green Gulch Farm, City Center, and Tassajara (summertime). Stays can be as brief as 5 days; longer dedications are likewise possible.

By Tova Green

For Tanya Deeley, a homeowner of City Center and a previous Tassajara citizen, her brand-new Rolfing practice has actually been considerably boosted by her years of studying the self, on and off the cushion.

“Rolfing is the Zen of bodywork. Each session is an opportunity for me to guide the client to focus on the felt sense of letting go instead of on what is tightening.”

Although Rolfing Structural Integration is a brand-new discovered enthusiasm for Tanya, being a therapist is not. She started her bodywork profession as a massage therapist and acupuncturist inIreland Ireland is likewise the location where her Zen journey started. She satisfied Ryushin Paul Haller in 2005 at a sesshin forBlack Mountain Zen Centre He became her instructor and offered Tanya the Dharma name Medicine Peak, Trust the Way.

“I am forever grateful to Paul for the Zen teaching that ‘the whole world is medicine.’ This is my life’s koan.”

During her years running an acupuncture center, Tanya was progressively drawn to hands-on treatment, in specific osteopathic methods and deep tissue, myofascial release. When Tanya left Tassajara in 2020, a good friend recommended she research studyRolfing Tanya chose to get the Ten Series from a licensed Rolfer and ended up being connected! She registered in the seven-month program held at theDr Ida Rolf Institute in Boulder,Colorado The program begun quickly after her leaving Tassajara amidst the pandemic and wildfires, so Tanya didn’t have a lot of time to completely examine the curriculum prior to registering. She chose to make the leap anyhow.

“I walked into a dark cave and learned that it was a jeweled palace. I’m very intuitive. Something in me knew it was right.”

Tanya feels that the holistic method Rolfing Structural Integration takes towards the body is a really Zen method. While looking into the human gait, Tanya came across a verse from Case 42 of The Blue Cliff Record in a post on Rolfing by Caryn McHose, who co-authored the bookHow Life Moves McHose utilizes the verse to discuss human posture.

Snowflakes falling
Each one landing
No location unique.

“Within our bodies there is space. There is an intrinsic freedom and ease. With each step, our body is rediscovering falling and landing within our body-frame. We think that the body is composed of separate parts because we label them. However, the body is one continuum where every part is unique and inseparable and inter-related with the whole. When the part gets dis-integrated from the whole, we might experience pain, tightness, or heaviness. It becomes ‘special’ because it’s in pain. We tend to dissociate when there’s pain. Rolfing is extraordinarily effective at helping us reconnect with the body and removing obstacles that prevent us from experiencing nothing special.”

One of Tanya’s Rolfing instructors stated, “Do not chase after the symptoms. Work enough for the tissues to change and the body will take care of the symptoms.” Thus Tanya does not see herself as the therapist– the body is the therapist. “I am a guide. It goes back to the hands-on connection. It can be light and very deep.”

Tanya is now completely accredited as aRolfer Since going back to San Francisco from Boulder a couple of months earlier, she has actually opened a workplace in the Marina, which she shows an acupuncturist. She has actually called her practiceCoyote Rolfing Coyote is her spirit animal, which she views as an expression of liberty.

“Rolfing is about freedom to move. This is a freedom from both conceptual and physical limitations. How we experience our world is imprinted in the body. Rolfing has a profound effect on the psycho-emotional state of being and how we perceive ourselves. The Rolfer creates a safe space in which the client, if they are willing, can change. Rolfing creates space within the body that is tangible and can be perceived.”

Clients have actually informed Tanya they feel taller, feel their feet more strongly on the ground after treatment. “When there’s no fixation, the body is fluid, tapping into the endless transformations from moment to moment. Transitioning is the nature of life.”

Tanya deals with anybody who requires aid reconnecting with their body, individuals who have an interest in how feelings and injury are kept in their bodies. Referring to the Bodhisattva Vow to live and be lived for the advantage of all beings, she states, “I’m here to help. With every client I revisit the meaning of suffering, liberation, and connection.”

Tanya Deeley/Coyote Rolfing can be called at [email protected].


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