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If This Doesn't Change Your Destiny, Nothing Else Will.

Meditation with Ajarn Patana
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To all dear followers of Master Patana,

According to master, due to the planetary shifts, there are a vast amount of energies of the cosmos that is affecting all existence on the earth. And that is also the cause of the pandemic that is currently occurring. However, such shifts are to create a state of harmony for all existence, and the energies will stay strong until May 2020. The impact caused by this pandemic may last almost until end 2021 – early 2022. So, master said that patience is needed and it will be a good time for everyone to start looking within. Followers of Master are strongly recommended to meditate during this period as the vast energies can be harnessed which will be beneficial to your spiritual growth and awakening. 

Master says that success in life has a lot to do with one’s spiritual growth and awakening. The more awareness and consciousness you have, the more intelligence from the universe you will receive. And you will be able to resolve many problems in life. 

If consciousness can be raised during this time, it will result in a positive change for the earth, mankind and all other existences. Master says it is like an upgrading process right now for the entire existence. 

During this time, awakening and enlightenment is highly possible for many people. So do not miss this opportunity that is given by the nature. Such great opportunity may not come again within your current lifetime. Don’t let this chance slip away. 

Time schedule: 
Master will be meditating for 3 hours daily at 7pm thai time. Followers may send names and photos to us if you wish to meditate at the same time with master. 

As we all share the same energy of consciousness, we can interact and help each other raise consciousness during meditation. 

Meditation Stone
Harnessing Cosmo Energies for Spiritual Growth


Master has consecrated the above meditation stone – According to master, if one meditates with this stone, the vast energies that is currently occurring will be harnessed into the stone. Such energies can be used to help one grow spiritually and raise consciousness. 

Master says that people are no longer sensitive to the energies of the nature and universe because man has became too self-centered. 

Many people fear to meditate because they are afraid to know their true self within. However, only by seeing your true-self once again you will be able to become a brand new person and leading a brand new life without sufferings. All great fortunes and health will then follow. 

Followers who want this stone may consider donating $39 for it.  All donations are going towards charities. 

For followers who cannot afford this stone, please send us a message. We will give 1 to you for free. 

Please note that there are only limited pieces, we might not be able to give away free for all. Please contact us if you are serious about using this stone for meditation. Else, please allow others to have it first. 

Followers who are willing to donate for this and help us with the charity, please kindly donate below:

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Guided Meditation Recording

We have created a guided mediation recording for all followers who wants to meditate during this time.  Please download the file below. 

Download Ajarn Patana Meditation

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Master will also place your name for prayers and candle lighting. The amount donate for this will help us to fund purchases of candles, and also towards many other charity works. 

We thank you for your kind and compassionate assistance. 

Ajarn Patana

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