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This area covers all you need to learn about starting out your meditation. You may choose to get into group meditation with all other members on every Wednesday and Friday, lasting 2 hours per session. Different methods of meditation are used for group and private meditation session. 

Private Meditation

For beginners, it is recommended you follow these instructions and start meditating by yourself first.
For a start, it is recommended to meditate for at least 20 minutes. 

What is the purpose and importance of meditation?
Mediation is the only way we can go inward to address and neutralize all past karmic issues. Every thought creates seeds of karma at every moment. And only by going inward through meditation, we are able to access the higher dimensions. The route to higher dimensions and understanding the universe truth is via the alignment of our body, mind and spirit. Once these 3 states are aligned via meditation, the state of higher spiritual consciousness will open that allow us to receive higher wisdom frequencies from the higher dimensions. 


How to start meditating?
For a start, if you are not able to sit upright for too long, you may always lean against a wall or find something comfortable to sit on. Make yourself comfortable, you may sit comfortably on a recliner, sofa or bed for the meditation. 

Do light a yellow candle and have a glass of water in front of you for your meditation session.
If you have yet to dedicate time for daily meditation. It is recommended to meditate at least 4 times a month – 1 day before a new moon day, on the day of new moon and 1 day before full moon day and on the day of full moon.

It is important to understand that meditation is NOT about concentration and it is NOT any attempt to empty your mind or to try to think of nothing. Once you are ready for meditation, close your eyes and start by taking attention to your breathing, allow your thoughts to flow and do not attempt to stop any thoughts, allow all thoughts to arise by themselves, do not subdue the thoughts, let them happen. Be it fear, worries, anger – Let all of them surface. There should be no attempt to stop anything, you simply watch them as an observer. Understand that the thoughts are mechanical, what has surfaced were your past accumulations. Do not judge those thoughts, simply watch them unfold. 

Another Meditation Method:
The Self Inquiry of Asking “Who Am I”
This method was one popular way for many practitioner, it is one of the most efficient way of discovering that the “I” and the ego were unreal and were mere accumulation of past experiences and memories. 

Master Patana has given a more advanced approach to this method. 
The original method simply suggests one to repetitively ask the question in the mind, “Who Am I”. However, Master Patana has suggested that you ask the question “Who Am I” BUT ask in a non-linguistic way within yourself. Be aware, when a practitioner start asking “Who Am I”, words and language arise in the mind, the consciousness will still be stuck at the intellectual state for a long time,(It couldn’t detach the mind.) either all sorts of answers start arising for some or nothing arise at all. Instead, ask the same question but ask it without words, ask it without language, do it non-linguistically. Ask it by your feelings,once you start trying this method of asking “Who Am I” in a non-linguistic way, you should feel the energy move to the heart and solar plexus chakra area.  Once you start asking “Who Am I” By Feelings, You will understand almost immediately that you are nothing but a heap of memories that created an illusion of yourself, the “I”. 

Group Meditation

Experience Enormous Power of Meditation.
Group prayers and meditation: Powerful unification of spiritual

Please use this audio for group meditation session.

Currently, we are doing this twice a week on every Wednesday and Friday (Starting 9AM EASTERN TIME (EST)) for 2 hours. And also on every new moon and full moon day of each month. Every member can do this at the comfort of their own home.

It is believed that the raised spiritual consciousness gets into synchronicity, unified, and could bring powerful changes to the surrounding area of each meditator focusing on a common subject, topic, element or symbol during meditation; sending a powerful positive shock wave of energies through this powerful unification and positively affecting each meditator at the same time.

The above are the focus symbols and elements used during the group meditation. 3 of these items are used at the same time. 

Group meditation instructions.
First, light a candle and prepare a glass of water to be placed in front of you or you may hold it on your palms during meditation. The symbol is used for focusing during meditation. Simply try to remember the symbol and picture it in your mind’s eye during the meditation. Simply focus on the symbol and bring attention to your breathing and radiating a feeling of gratitude from your heart.  

After completion of your meditation, you may put out the flame and drink the water. 

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