This book presumes that its readers are interested in practicing deeply and recognizing for themselves the teachings of the Buddha, in this body, in this life. It explains the Three Trainings of Morality, Concentration, and Wisdom, assisting to clarify what each is designed to accomplish and explain how that is performed in straightforward, empowering terms. It stands in contrast to numerous modern dharma books in that it explicitly assumes that proficiency of the standard states and stages of the path is obtainable, as well as providing specific cautions of the intricacies that can arise on the path of attainment.It pulls no punches when it comes to exploring the advantages and disadvantages of contemporary Buddhism and medative traditions in basic, exposing misconceptions and disempowering dogmas while at the same time stressing those genuine accomplishments that truth screening has revealed can be achieved. It offers substantial maps of the range of meditative terrain in addition to cautious guidance for how to avoid the typical traps fundamental in maps and goals. It draws thoroughly from the exceptional, reproducible experiments and innovations exercised by proficient meditators long earlier enhanced by developments pioneered by a neighborhood of excellent professionals today.It calls you, the reader, to awaken to the remarkable capacities in yourself for knowledge and kindness.

This second modified and broadened edition of the book substantially expands the sections on training in Concentration including more on the deep end of what can be accomplished, includes further autobiographical material about the author which is used to cover extra practical meditation subjects, and upgrades almost all other areas to deal with feedback that people were kind enough to offer on the first edition. May this book be for the benefit of all beings. Source

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Dharmachakra– The Wheel of Dharma

The dharmachakra(which is likewise called the wheel of dharma) is one of the Ashtamangala of Indian faiths such as Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. It has

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