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Making the Most of Every Day


For numerous of us, simply surviving the day untouched is a genuine obstacle.   The concept of making the most of every day appears out of reach because that needs totally free action and we usually do not feel that we have much space free of charge action; we are mainly responding to what we experience.

But with a modification in your frame of mind, your mindset, both surviving the day untouched and really making the most of it are within your reach.

And you accomplish that modification in mindset by releasing yourself from the control of your mind and reconnecting rather with your real self, which is your heart, your real Buddha nature.  (See my post, “How to Free Yourself from the Control of Your Ego-Mind.”)

When you have actually done that, and you therefore experience things straight, with dispassion, totally free of the intervention of your mind, you understand that things are the method the are since it’s simply the method it is.   You are totally free of psychological responses.   

There will definitely still be things that you feel you wish to alter or that you wish to prevent, and so on, however you will approach those jobs totally free of feeling and therefore you will make it through the day untouched.   And since you aren’t being drained pipes by unfavorable feelings, you will likewise have the ability to make the most of every day.


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