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"Turmoils in your life is predestined if you choose to do nothing about it."
- Ajarn Patana -

This site is maintained by followers of master. It is to serve and help people who do not have access to true spiritual service, and who do not understand the Thai language. We are truly charity based, and we believe that our work will build up good merits for ourselves. And merits are what we want to gain from this work and to spread the good guidance from Master Patana. People who do not trust us, or have doubt about master. You may request a visit to master, meeting with master is once a year. As master is not commercialize, he always insist to stay low profile while spreading his teachings through his followers. Finally, if you have doubt due to any reasons, please send us an email before making any false claims or assumptions of this site and of master.

We are Charity Based. Payments will go towards coffin building to help lonely deceased, medical purposes, temple building, education for the poor. We are non-profit, and please note that this is a spiritual service, results will vary for different individual according to their current life's karma. However, for any person who are willing to follow master's advise you will surely experience change in your life path. You will be able to get more wealth, get the perfect love life and towards success in life.

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