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Love making and Spirituality

Is it wrong to make love when I am on the journey towards spirituality? Why do most of the religious teachings forbids sex?

Master says no it is never a wrong thing, it is a natural part of your being to procreate. And love making can be a part of your spiritual practice.

Spiritual practice also means towards a higher awareness and consciousness.

The process of lovemaking can be sacred and meditative. Hence there is a teaching of tantric sex or tantric love making.

But be totally aware if you are only having sex or are you making love with your partner? There is a difference in the inner spirituality. There is a very fine line in between. One is only physically involved, and love making is both but mostly emotionally involved. Take that awareness.

Master says lovers have to take extra awareness to the feelings during the entire lovemaking process, they should enjoy it with great pleasure and awareness. And should not be done hastily. Without that sensual awareness, it is only a process of sex making; it is not lovemaking.

Feel that love happening when you are making love to your partner and that is spiritual.

But so why do religions forbid sex?
Master says there were always 2 separate groups of people religious teachings are speaking to. One group is the disciples, and the other is the non-disciples.

One biggest reason to avoid sex is because orgasm that resulted from sex can lead to elevated sensual desires unconsciously, which then could become an addiction.

Any addiction could make one lose his spirituality or moral. (It is all about an awareness of sensual pleasures.) Because of the nature of our body and mind, we are mentally susceptible to become addicted to sensual pleasures.

The addiction to any sensual pleasures may make us lose our awareness, reduced consciousness and moral values. It is regarded as “sinful” if one gets addicted by any sensual pleasures.

Hence, in Christianity the 7 sins are all related and leading from unconscious states of sensual pleasures.

Also, if sexual addiction prevail in any nations, it will lead to more births which potentially leading to more sufferings because of increased population and increased need for food. It’s destructive to the entire nature and food chain, which can then lead to pandemics of diseases.

Monks who have chosen the ascetic life should abstain from sexual activities as taught in the Buddhist teachings. Sex by itself is not a wrong thing. BUT the idea is this, you soon realize that because of the release and reproduction of semen could make you tired and affect your overall health and have a high potential of negatively affecting your spiritual progression, so why not stop earlier and seek the inner joy of happiness?

However, remember that sex is not wrong or a sin if one takes higher awareness to the entire process and the sensual effects. One has to detach from the need of such sensual pleasure without repression.

Repression of sex may lead to more desires of sexual pleasures. It is only through higher awareness of the pleasure one will be free from any repression.

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