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Last Completed Ritual:18/09/2023
Rituals In Queue: 15
Fortune Readings In Queue: 15
Last Completed Ritual:18/09/2023
Rituals In Queue: 15
Fortune Readings: 15

How does love attraction works?
Binds a lover, attract people to help, brings back love.

Love and inter-relationship attraction and manifestation can happen at 2 different levels. One externally and another is by altering karmic path. The most popular way which can help a person increase charisma, and love is by working on the external energies. As every living things works and communicates via energies, attraction of one another also works at the level of energies. Such energies we call it Phlang พลัง in Thailand, or also known as praan/prana प्राण in Hinduism. It is also known as lifeforce energies. It is through a certain ritual which once can harness and contain such force into an amulet/statue or a vessel. Forces of the spiritual and the nature can be drawn by one’s willpower and merits. Willpower starts from the physical realm and then establishes to the non-physical realm. External attraction force as explained by Master Patana has different forms, just like any energies that changes from one form to another, and have different polarities. Like the earth that has great strength of magnetic force has polarities that draws and pushes energies around the physical realm and affecting spiritual realms. Forces and energies never dissipates, it only transform from one form to another. And through rituals and willpower in the physical realm, master can harness spiritual energies and energies of the nature to cause energy changes in a surrounding. Once energies of such are harnessed, the vessel or amulet containing such energies can create a surrounding attraction energy around a proximity, and around the wearer of the amulet. Such ritual can also be used to harness energies of wealth and health. 

Another form of external influences ritual that harnesses temporary but strong attraction energies is through necromancy. Such ritual is via energies influencing or some may call it possession through help of spirits with wisdom. This form of ritual is usually via help of spirit of luk kok, kumantong or nam man prai. (Prai spirits.) 

As mentioned, there are 2 forms of attraction magic. Another form is via altering and making changes to current karmic path. As everyone is rebirth again due to past karma. Relationships, love and marriage often are caused by past life’s karma. Such ritual is often recommended to people who wants to make a drastic change towards their relationship path, or to resolve an ongoing relationship problem. It is only recommended to people who are in great despair in their relationship experience. Because such ritual can stop an entire karmic cycle of relationship problem. Such ritual can either bring back a lover for good or stop the entire karmic cycle entirely, causing a brand new love relationship to start. Master Patana often will suggest performing this form of ritual for people who felt they have suffered enough from their current relationships, and want a big change. And because problems arising from such karma may simply stops one from progressing spiritually. For example, there are followers who often found themselves in a triangle relationship, they often suffered a lot mentally. Master would perform this form of ritual to stop such karmic problems, and bring upon good healthy relationships so that the follower can walk on the spiritual paths with mindfulness. 

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